Saturday, 21 March 2015

Steel Panther in Copenhagen

Steel Panther hits Copenhagen with its unremarkable sexist hits for a total delirium of the audience in the club Vega.
Well, sexism and gender equality are main topics nowadays, especially in Sweden, the country of feminist women. However, I think most of the people attending the concert were there because the band has nice songs and the lyrics are undeniably funny when you pay attention to them.
I like to make joke about the feminists but deep inside I support gender equality. I wish I could see more women working in the same company as I, for example. :)

Michael Starr, the front man of Steel Panther keeps asking babes to show their boobs which ends up providing really sweet views during the concert and let's be fair, it's not only Steel Panther! Ozzy Osbourne or Metallica also used to request some of that too. It's quite of an old cliché.

For the song "17 girls in a row", they invited several babes up on the stage to dance along. Maybe they couldn't fit 17 in there but I think I saw around 8. Not bad! See 'em below:

When they were about to play the song "Asian hooker", they spotted an Asian babe in the audience so they invited her up on stage and then started to play the song! Was so intense! haha! Especially when she started to kiss the singer preventing him from singing one of the verses. that's an outrageous fun!

I made a HD video of the song "Community property", which was among the last songs played in the concert, note the funny and sexist lyrics which goes like: "I would give you the stars in the sky, but they're too far away..."

One song I wished they play was "Eatin' ain't cheating", but unfortunately they skipped that one. So, from 0 to 10, I give 'em a 9 for the concert! :P

Some more photos I took:


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