Tuesday, 14 October 2014

New chapter in life: Sweden

After two weeks already living in Lund, Sweden (and this time I think there's no return), I finally found some time to sit down and speak out why that happened, because people are still asking me: Nano, WHY?

My situation in Poland deteriorated and I felt a bit lost and without perspectives (Not entering in details here).
Well, I then basically followed the rule: If things don't go right, turn left! 

Among others, the reasons that made me move to Sweden were: 
  • Better chances of acquiring an European citizenship
  • Considerably better salary
  • More metal bands and concerts (I already attended to one)
  • Sweden is not part of NATO (the coalition of war)
  • Better infrastructure (trains, roads, buses, bike lanes)
  • Better public social benefits
  • More snow! (I don't fear the global warming anymore)

My first two weeks in Sweden have been quite intense. Lund is a lovely city but has one major problem: housing. 
It's so hard to find a flat or room to rent in here. The city is crowded with students and many people who work or study here have no other choice but to live outside Lund, in one of the surrounding cities like Malmo, Kavlinge, Lomma, Dalby and even Helsingborg!
Fortunately, I was lucky to find a room to rent in a shared flat and I am proud to say that I have a Lund postal code and my street is called "Vikingavagen", the Viking street! I now feel like a real latino-viking even though my modest height of 1.86m is no big deal here
Still I haven't found a garage to rent for my car. It's freezing out there in the cold nights of Scandinavia, but I hope to find a warm garage for it soon!

The company which I work for is very caring towards its employees and I'm starting to like all of it! The work environment provides me with breakfast, hot/cold beverages, fitness center, bike, very fast computer, Linux as default operating system, flexible working hours, additional holidays paid by the company and etc. Apart from all of this, I can say that the team is also very friendly and the work load is adequate.

Lund city is beautiful, green and with lots of tech companies. Its location is quite strategic: just 40 minutes by train from Copenhagen which has the biggest airport in Scandinavia and one of the best night lives in Europe (even comparable to Riga or Wroclaw). Additionally, Lund is only 10km away from Lomma beach, the so-called "Swedish Miami Beach". Lomma waters are shallow, warm enough during summer and shark-free.

The cities in the state of Skane are fully connected with exclusive bike lanes which makes it very safe to ride for example from Malmo to Lund, or from Lund to Lomma by bike without the risk of being hit by car. The cities are generally bike-friendly and "car-rudely" (not so many places to park a car and expensive parking fees). The trains and buses in Sweden are very quiet, clean and reliable. People shouldn't use cars here unless it's for racing or show-off purposes, like drifting in Copenhagen or for icy driving.

Sweden implements the Nordic social democacry which gives many social benefits to its legal inhabitants and this model is criticized by many who don't know this system very well. People here rely on their government, poverty is non-existent, education and medical assistance are ensured to everyone. The public enemies number ones like alcohol and tobacco are highly taxed so, the abusers of those are actually paying in advance for their damages. It makes sense even for me, a guy who loves drinking beer.

Moving to Poland was more than a challenge for a 24-year-old Brazilian guy back in 2007 and I'm grateful to Poland and to the Polish people for amazing life-changing experience I had. I wouldn't be the great Nano of Today, if it wasn't for my time spent in Poland. Now it's time to use this experience to conquer the world, starting from Sweden. ;)