Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Porsche Museum (Stuttgart, DE)

When I thought about going to Switzerland I quickly had the idea that I could use the German autobahns and spend a night in Stuttgart so I could then visit the Porsche museum.
Porsche cars are legendary. When I was a young boy, the two car makers most spoken of were Ferrari and Porsche. Some Japanese cars can be cheaper and quite fast too but it's not only about the speed we are talking here. It's about the tradition! Porsche 911 model had its 50 years anniversary few years ago and I think Japan was not even in the map of gran turismo back then.
There are so many variations of the 911, but the Porsche model I like the most is the Cayman due to its central engine which gives better stability and ease when making sharp curves. Ok, I've never driven one of it yet but I read about it a lot and I also see the opinions of car testers from different YouTube channels. I will do a test-drive before buying it, for sure, but I need to raise the money first. :)

The photo above is of an 1997 model of the Porsche 911 GT1, one of the pieces I liked the most when visiting the museum. 

Below, see the photo of my current desire: The Cayman S. Why not? :)

... but not yellow. ;)

For full album of photos from the Porsche Museum, click here!

The entrance ticket to the museum is 8 EUR and is worth seeing when visiting Stuttgart. There is also a cool souvenir shop which is accessible without the museum ticket.

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Sarah Erwin said...

Every euro is definitely worth it! I'm sure every car enthusiast, especially Porsche lovers, would love to visit the museum and know the rich history of those cars. Good thing you were able to enjoy your trip. Thanks for sharing!

Sarah Erwin @ Baldwin Subaru

Nano said...

Hi Sarah, do you like german cars? Or just japanese?
Thanks for reading,