Thursday, 3 April 2014

Soilwork pt.2

Soilwork with Nightwish's Floor Jansen after DVD live recording
Soilwork has been being part of my life lately, a high-quality death metal band whose lyrics are changing my way to see and interpret the challenges that come upon!
A good band (especially metal band) must have a good drummer and good front-man. Even though I'm a guitarist, I admit that guitarists are replaceable but a good drummer, not always. Soilwork has Dirk and Bjorn. :)
I flew to Helsinki for the recordings of their first upcoming DVD/Bluray because I wanted to be part of metal history. I believe this concert is going to be considered a master piece by critics when it will be out.
Bjorn's lyrics carry very motivational messages in it and, if well interpreted, may change ones life. I picked few lines from some of the lyrics:

"Don't let the light you see restrain you, don't put your trust in the dark outside, there will be more that you will ever could die for, this momentary bliss is a lie."
-- from the song "Momentary Bliss".

I think Bjorn's trying to say that one should never feel satisfied enough with what he/she has already achieved. This would be the 'momentary bliss' which is supposedly a lie. I think he wants people not to set boundaries to themselves, aiming higher and higher.

"Now that the search goes on, for another time to live, I might as well be gone, but I tend to always come back in the end..."
-- from the song "Rise above the sentiment"

I think in this song is about someone who's about to stop suffering with the current life he/she has and is to flee for some new life (or new 'time' to live). It seems that this person will be 'gone' for awhile, but will be back at the end. How wouldn't I identify myself with this song?

Well, the concert on 21th of March in Helsinki was a great success. I'm still waiting for the DVD to be released. I loved the afterparty with the band and I was glad that Bjorn remembered me from the concert in Poland 3 months earlier. :P

One nice souvenir from this unforgettable 4-day trip to Helsinki was a photo with Floor Jansen, current singer of Nightwish who took part in the DVD recordings singing one song with Soilwork:

Nano & Floor Jansen

So, follow the idea that you may feel already satisfied with material and spiritual achievements in life, so far, but there is still much more to come of which you could die for. Follow your omens and achieve your next dreams. :)

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