Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Portugal and a bit of Spain

A country like Portugal may be very pleasant for relaxation and gastronomical purposes! When comparing Iberian and Slavic countries, it is easy to notice a culinary gap between them. Historically, Slavic countries always had limited access to food ingredients due to cold weather to cultivate and/or hard access to ocean. In Portugal and Spain there is a vast range of sea foods, refined ingredients and an old tradition of making good food! Just pick a nice restaurant combined with a nice view to the Atlantic ocean and you'll get a nice bliss. I myself like the codfish prepared in different ways, octopus stew and pastel de Belem which is some sort of cream pie. Google for it. :)

I was with my family and our trip's start point was Lisbon, but the next day we were riding to Seville for Christmas and then Merida (still in Spain) to see Roman archeological sites and via Badajoz crossing the border back to Portugal as shown:


...going all the way up to Coimbra (which was a bit boring actually) and then reaching Porto in the north of Portugal for new years eve.

I made few photos of the Roman archeological site in Merida (click to enlarge):

Porto is a very beautiful city with sumptuous metal bridges and good restaurants by the river. I'm sure that during summer it must be quite agitated, but even with this rainy winter in Portugal, I could enjoy my Sagres beer and enjoy a bit. The beers in Portugal and Span contain hop. Something that (most of) Polish beers don't. :)

This is the great Nano, in Porto for the first time. :)

Lisbon area (including Cascais)  is a a must-see attraction! Lisbon is very "young" and dynamic city with many good places to see and go shopping. The big plus for me was the ease to get açaí fruit in a Brazilian canteen and to have barbeque with feijoada in a Brazilian steak house. Lisbon is the 'small Brazil' in Europe anyways! :)

Cascais is the rich spot with fancy hotels and casino. I think most of the Portuguese celebrities live there (except for Bruno Aleixo, a famous critic who loves Coimbra). :)

Well, It took me a while to write this post since I was quite busy in the last couple of months but now my life is getting straight again. I hoped the photos are good enough. They were made with my new Sony smartphone. :)


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