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No Reduction's pandora box finally open

Nano performing in the band "No Reduction"
Few days ago, something really good happened and I would like to share my happiness with you all but first of all I would like to write a bit about how everything started back in the 90's so it will make more sense for the reader. :)
Back in 1999, my friend Bruno and I decided to form a metal band 'cause we were quite excited after we got our guitars and we wanted to play some tunes together.
Bruno had his blue Washburn stratocaster guitar and I bought a Cort which has a slightly modified stratocaster design made of a good maple but with not so good hambucker pickup, unfortunately.
The first jam sessions we used to make at Bruno's home or at mine's. We were too few to go to a studio room by then, so we started going to studios only when we got our drummer Rafael, so we could have proper amplifiers, microphones and effects.
It was hard for us to find a bassist but we managed to get Vitor to fill the role. He is a good one, but he didn't have a bass guitar as well as Rafael didn't have the drums, so we had a quite difficult beginning when we had to borrow drum kits and a bass guitar to carry on with our jam sessions.
We enjoyed several weekends having fun playing cover songs in the studio, mainly songs from the Metallica's cover album "Garage Inc." such as: "Whiskey in the jar" (originally recorded by "Thin Lizzy"), "Die die my darling" and "Last caress" (both originally recorded by "The Misfits"), Blitzkrieg (Originally recorded by the band with the same name). But our favourite song was actually a true Metallica song, entitled "Fade to black" released by them in 1984.
We still didn't have a vocalist, but we could count on Leandro for lead vocals in some of our rehearsals (he did pretty good) before we got Thiago as our main lead vocal. The band was finally set and we named the band "NO REDUCTION".

Bruno (blue guitar), Vitor (bass), Rafael (Drums), Thiago (Vocals)

We started then looking for an opportunity to play in some student's music festival or event and we heard about the event named "Maquina do som" (Sound machine - translated from Portuguese). The date was August 16th of the year 2000, over 13 years ago!!
My brother was filming it with the best video camera we could get back in 2000 and it was the only piece of memory we had from that unique moment in our lives - It was our first live performance! 
The time slot given to our band to play was very small since there were several other presentations that day, not only of bands but also dance groups and solo singers. We could choose to play a medley of 2 small songs or 1 big song. We decided to perform Metallica's 7-minute song: "Fade to black".

Backstage photo of us with other random musicians

Everything was taped by my brother and we had it converted to digital format to keep some backup of it in the computer but the backup DVD we recorded was data-corrupted and the video couldn't be retrieved from the DVD anymore and we had the original tape erased. That was our doom.
I tried few recovering tools back then but I never succeeded. I kept the disc anyway with the hope that one day I could recover its data.
That 'one day' has come and the "pandora box" is now open! Thanks to the Linux application named dd_rescue, I managed to bring the footage back to life and I'm so glad to share it in here. 
We were no professionals, just a high-school band. I was a mere 17-year-old boy trying to perform one of Kirk Hammett's most beautiful guitar solos live and I hope I didn't disappoint him too much. The theatre was crowded and everyone felt the thrill of performing in front of a live audience! :P
If I could vote for the best player in that performance I would vote for Rafael, who nicely played the drum part for this classic song.

So here it is, our rare footage of our very first live performance: 

My advice for all of you intending to assemble a rock band is the following: Keep in mind that it's a looong way up if you wanna rock'n'roll! As I wrote in this post we had very tough time in the beginning with lack of proper equipment and difficulty on finding musicians. So, just don't give up too easily. The experience may be awesome!

I found a quick guide for you: How to form a rock band

Good luck and thanks for reading. :)

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