Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Český Krumlov

Before you ask: It's in Czech Republic!

This is a small medieval town in the south of Czech, close to the Austrian border. I got to know of this town when I watched Eli Roth's horror film 'Hostel' released in 2005. Most of the outdoor scenes were recorded in there and the torture museum shown in the film is still there.
By the way, don't watch this film if you don't have stomach for strong and explicit torture scenes. I have.

Apart from the castle which is the main attraction of the town, there is also the Vltava river cutting this town and it is possible to rent a inflatable boat for a nice ride even to a neighbour town and return the boat in there. Nice experience that I couldn't try since I went there IN MY NEW CAR. ;)

Only 29km from Český Krumlov, in the town of Česke Budejovice, it is worth visiting the brewery 'Budweiser' which is not the American Budweiser that you may think of. It's the Czech one! The brewery tour takes 1 hour and you can taste some non-pasteurized version of the beer (which is not sold in the market). The tour is not expensive, but I don't remember how much it costed.

The European Union patent regulations give the local brewery in Česke Budejovice the right to use this name since it is physically located in the city carrying its name (Česke Budejovice in German is Budweis). Now you know. :)

But that's nothing! In Český Krumlov, there is a local brewery called Eggenberg which is even better! I tried dark beer with smoked taste and with considerable amount of hop in it. For me, it was the chest of treasures located in the very end of the rainbow. If you ever see such bottle like this below, just buy it a lot:

The weather was nice, so few photos here (click to enlarge):

Better than Czech Republic probably only Slovakia. ;)

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