Thursday, 28 March 2013

30th birthday

Three decades have passed and I keep growing mentally and physically (especially the triceps! LOL!).
Some people say this age is 1/3 of a lifespan, some say it's 2/5.  

What kind of life can one have at the age of 70? Ask Mick Jagger(69y)! He is still rocking! ...or better yet: Ask Mr. Hugh Hefner(86y)! He is still f***ing!. :)

I split my 30 years in 2 "halves": 
  • My 25 years lived in Brazil
  • My 5 years lived in Poland
But why? It doesn't look like 2 halves, right?
If you try to figure out how much life experience one can collect in five years being a latino immigrant in a culturally-closed Slavic country, you would see that it's as hard as learning how to walk and speak! Practically, I had to learn how to speak again. :)

Similar achievement was done by my friend Peng - who emigrated from China to Slovakia and has been living there for more than 5 years. Sounds even more hardcore. :)

I strongly encourage everyone to stop behaving like a tree: If you are not happy or satisfied where you are right now, then move your ass to find your own promised land! There is a whole world outside the door to be conquered!

Happy birthday, Nano! :)

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