Saturday, 19 January 2013

Brazilian bash in Wrocław

A nice event in WrocLove! Probably one of the biggest (if not the biggest) Brazilian meeting in Wrocław, counting with more than 10 canarinhos eating beef and drinking beer together.
The idea was to have a big feijoada and a big churrasco(barbecue) for a total meltdown evening! We could count on Valmir to handle the feijoada and Alexandre to handle the beef whilst me and Felipe were rolling the 'Gorilla fingers'. Full Brazilian synergy that night!
The photo beside shows the core of the Brazilian clan (from right to left): Felipe (SP), Wanderson(SC) and Alexandre(Barroso/MG). Were also present: Gustavo(MG),  Elciane(PE), Valmir(SP), Marcos(RJ), Tatiana(SP) and few other interns of AIESEC projects whose names I don't remember. :)

Good bash! I hope for another one some day soon! :)


Giovanni said...

Hello, I'm Italian and I'm living in Wroclaw now. Anyway I have a lot of Brazilian friends and love your culture, isn't there a way to meet if you wish? :)
Gostaria muito porque tem alguma coisa do Brasil em cada um dos meus dias, então porque não em Wroclaw também? :)
espero poder falar com alguem :D

Nano said...

Leave your contact info and we surely can meet. :)

Giovanni said...

OK sure :)
So well I leave my mail and then trough there can be phone or else.

So well I will wait for some email exchange :)