Saturday, 19 January 2013

Brazilian bash in Wrocław

A nice event in WrocLove! Probably one of the biggest (if not the biggest) Brazilian meeting in Wrocław, counting with more than 10 canarinhos eating beef and drinking beer together.
The idea was to have a big feijoada and a big churrasco(barbecue) for a total meltdown evening! We could count on Valmir to handle the feijoada and Alexandre to handle the beef whilst me and Felipe were rolling the 'Gorilla fingers'. Full Brazilian synergy that night!
The photo beside shows the core of the Brazilian clan (from right to left): Felipe (SP), Wanderson(SC) and Alexandre(Barroso/MG). Were also present: Gustavo(MG),  Elciane(PE), Valmir(SP), Marcos(RJ), Tatiana(SP) and few other interns of AIESEC projects whose names I don't remember. :)

Good bash! I hope for another one some day soon! :)

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Happy 2013

Wrocław, Market square
This was my first time spending new year's eve in Wrocław after 5 years living here! Previously: 2007 Prague, 2008 Vienna, 2009 Santiago (Chile), 2010 Prague again, 2011 Demanovska Dolina (Slovakia).

2013 is a reality, so what now? - New goals, new dreams! Try to do as I do every year: write down on a paper your personal goals to be achieved in 2013 and... just go achieve them!! :)

Happy new year to everyone! Always remember: The words "dream" and "impossible" have a totally different meaning! -- Seems obvious,  but people just don't get it! :)

PS.: The new year's bash in Wrocław beats the one in Prague!! By far!!