Friday, 30 November 2012

Follow the light

Recently, I got this advice from a good friend: "Nano, follow the light!" and I think it has a deeper meaning than it seems, as it reminded me the advice given to Neo (from the movie Matrix): "Follow the white rabbit". 
These advices were given to two distinct persons: Neo and Me, and both of us were living a dream at the moment we got them. 
The difference between us is that: Neo wanted to wake up from that dream and live the reality whereas I just wanted to dream on!
Funny in it is that: the darker it gets here in Scandinavia, the brighter I see my way back home after my melancholic evenings poured with alcohol in Lund (the town of magic and dreams) // thanks to the Christmas decoration in Malmo's city centre.

I tried something awesome lately: I went riding a bike alone (with only one small led in the front of it) throughout a dark cemetery and listening to the song "The Wolf" by Fever Ray. This is simply an easy way to fully unplug the brain from reality for exactly 4 minutes and 45 seconds.

You are the sound that I hear  (2x)
We are not standing
We are falling

This was my last week in Sweden in 2012 and if the world won't end by 21st of December, I wish I could live this dream again. Good bye, Sweden (for now).

Special thanks to Derek! (for the advice!)

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