Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Life in Skåne

After two months in Sweden, living in the sunny town named Lund, I already have my opinion about the Swedes; They are honest, very well-educated, polite and sociable people! Additionally, few decades ago Sweden became a multicultural country and racism can't be seen anywhere here. It's a very migrant-friendly country (perhaps too much) and workers have extended social benefits if they are hired legally by a company in here! For sure a very suitable country for those seeking some changes in life. However, every country has its minuses and here are the ones in Sweden: Taxes are very high, government holds a monopoly of alcoholic beverages (meaning: very high prices on alcohol), all the night clubs and bars can be open only until 3 am (an parties close to dormitories even at 2am), the country is quite colder than average for an European country and few problems with Muslim immigrants. If you are OK with this, so... Välkommen!! (And bring some bottles!)
Skåne is the name of the southern state in which cities like Lund, Malmö, Helsingborg and Landskrona are located. It's fully connected by exclusive bike lanes so, it's a paradise for bikers like me, during summer. I wish I could have done more bike trips (I've done only two). I liked my bike trip alone from Lund to Malmö (46 kilometres - both ways). The photo beside was taken in Malmö by the turning torso, which is said to be the highest building in Sweden. 
Maybe next summer I will have the chance to make a longer trip, lets say... Helsingborg? Destiny will tell. So far, I keep focused with the hard work on a modern smart-phone to be released soon!

Photos are being upload to this album as I take them:

So far, 130 have been added since the beginning of my trip. Enjoy! :)