Friday, 10 August 2012

Weekend in Copenhagen

After almost five years living in Europe, I finally visited one of the remaining Scandinavian countries in my list of "must see countries". Among Scandinavian countries, only Iceland is not in this list. But I'm not trying to say that I'm done with Scandinavia already since I visited only capital cities in Norway and Denmark so far. Still plan to visit Roskilde some day during some metal festival. Sweden was much more explored by me already. I visited many cities in Sweden already, such as Stockholm, Uppsala, Vasteras, Lund, Helsingborg and soon I will visit Malmö.
Copenhagen has many green areas and a very efficient metro system connected to trains and buses. A single journey within the 1st and 2nd zones won't cost you less than 14 DKK if you buy the 10-rides ticket. It's cheaper than paying the normal fee in the metro (23 DKK).
Since it's summer, the city is quite crowded as you can see in the photo beside, taken in Nyhavn which is the most famous spot in Copenhagen. A typical tourist in Copenhagen would go to Nyhavn street to take the boat trip departing from there. I'm not typical, so I was basically walking everywhere. ;)
The night-life is surprisingly agitated, people know how to have fun in Copenhagen; the clubs were crowded in the evening and I saw no fights there, maybe because alcohol inside the club (or even outside) is expensive. For a Heineken long-neck (0,33L) inside a club you pay 40 DKK (~5,5 EUR). Perhaps I will stop complaining about alcohol price in every post I publish here, because people may get bored! So, whenever you see a post about Scandinavia in my blog, just know that alcohol was expensive there! :)
There is one peculiar thing about Copenhagen that is not so widely spread worldwide but through my blog you are now about to find out: There is one neighbourhood called Christiania (or Freetown) and soft drugs are tolerated there such as Marijuana or Hash. So you can buy "freely" and even consume it. Just don't buy it as souvenir and take it to the aircraft or train with you. You might get into trouble. :)
On Sunday morning (almost mid-day), I even managed to go to a chill-out festival in the park, for free. But it was SOOO chill-out that I got bored and left earlier back to sunny Sweden. It was a nice weekend in a very nice city which I'd love to visit again soon! :)

For full album of photos, click here!