Friday, 27 July 2012

First week in Lund

My first days in the sunny town of Lund, in the south of Sweden, are being quite good and relaxing. Lund is a small student's town of around 80.000 inhabitants, very clean, safe, and with bike lanes everywhere. People don't actually need cars here.
Only 10 km away from Lund there is a small municipality of Lomma in which there is a very nice beach with shallow and calm water. There is even a 10km-track for bikes only to get to Lomma beach from Lund. There is, as well, a 20km-track to get to Malmö. I've been here since 9 days ago and I feel very healthier than normal since I go to work by bike everyday and I can also go to gym after work or in the hotel. One more positive thing related to health is that beer here contains maximum 3.5% of alcohol and can be bought also in 0.33l cans, so if I need to open one can of beer when watching TV, it doesn't need to be 0.5l with 5% of alcohol. I know it's not a big difference but can definitely be perceived on long-term basis.
Beer with ~5% alcohol at bars/clubs cost around 50 SEK (~6 EUR), so it's also preventing me from buying those since I don't 'like' this price. So, when partying with friends, it's better to drink beer from supermarket with 3,5% and complement with high-quality Polish vodka. Since alcohol is veeery expensive here, if you are the person carry some bottles and offering vodka to people here, you can get many friends! ;)
The weather here is awesome. For the last 5 days, it's been so sunny and warm that I "had" to pay a visit to to Lomma beach (by bike, of course) with my new group of international friends (from Couchsurfing and Facebook) to play some volleyball and to barbeque. I haven't taken so many photos so far but I am putting them on my picasa album, little by little. To see the photos, click on the link below:

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