Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Slovakia 2012

Continuing the trip from the last post after leaving Vienna by boat and then sailing over the Danube to Bratislava...
It's the same trip, but split into different posts since Slovakia and Austria are totally different countries.
Europe has more than 40 languages spread over several countries and sometimes sailing 1 hour may take you from a Germanic country like Austria to a Slavonic country like Slovakia! When I try to compare... from my hometown in Brazil to get to a country with a different language I'd have to ride over 50 hours by bus. :)
My first time in Slovakia was in November, 2007 when I took a train from Poland to attend an AIESEC conference called 'Highway', in Tatranska Strba (near Tatra mountains). I liked Slovakia so much that I went back there over 10 times in the last 4 years but for small trips only. Such a small developing country with so cozy atmosphere... I like it! Apart from its beauty, I also have many friends in there and that is the best excuse to go there for a zlaty!
I could meet again good Slovak friends like; Zuzka, Katja, Rudo, Crystinka(not Slovak actually), Dusan, Janka... and, unfortunately, I couldn't meet Mike, Pavol, Peng, Janka#2, Atdka, Mirka... (maybe next time?).
Bratislava was so sunny and warm that was perfect to make a nice set of photos, especially near the Bratislava castle. The courtyard of the castle was open for visitation as well (even though there was nothing inside to see). Nice pubs and restaurants (even a Brazilian steak house) are located by the Danube nearby shopping center "Eurovea". The green areas are also a nice place to sit down with a beer and relax.
Leaving Bratislava by bus and following to Nitra for the Music festival (or was it a beer festival?) - Majales, sponsored by the brewery Zlaty Bazant (mentioned above). That was my second time in Nitra and I barely remembered the place... I only had a small remembrance of the round square and that's all. This time it was possible to visit a small castle on the hill with a nice view to Nitra and then go to the festival.
I liked the Slovak band "Puding Pani Elvisovej" so much! Nice melodies sang both in Slovak and in English. I recommend! Their website is http://ppe.sk/.
On the fifth day of the trip, heading to the final destination in Slovakia: Zilina, following the second day of Majales festival, with the same bands, same beer but different friends. My first and last time in Zilina was in 2007, so it was a trip to remember the past! I could see how much Zilina developed in 5 years; two new big shopping centers, a new McDonalds and more restaurants and cleanliness of the market square. The best of all was a small cafeteria in Bottova street (in the centre) which sells Açaí smoothies! Delicious! So, if Açaí has already arrived in Zilina so maybe Wrocław is very delayed in time because it's not possible to get it there. :P

Well then, if you'd like to see HIGH QUALITY 6MPX-PHOTOS from the trip, click here!

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