Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Wrocław's new stadium for the EURO2012

Recently, I got award with a VIP ticket to watch a match in the new stadium in Wrocław (the one built for the Eurocup 2012). It was a very nice experience for me to watch a football match so close to the field (I took this photo from my seat). In Brazil, the stadiums are bigger and between the field and the seats, usually there is a small path for small vehicles/ambulances and also some track for running competitions or similar. It's harder, for example, to throw an object to the field, but here in these European stadiums it's even possible to spit in the coach. :)

Well, resuming the post.. the match ended with a draw:
WKS 1 x 1 Ruch.
In October, the Brazilian national team will play a friendly match against Japan in this stadium, I hope it will be a better match! :)

To see more info and nice photos of this stadium, click here!

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Skiing in Czarna Góra

I like when the weather is nice, the quality of the snow is awesome and there is not so many people on the track.
Czarna Góra is a hill between Poland and Czech Republic. There are slopes on both sides. This time we were on its Polish side. I went there with a friend, Mariusz, who was snowboarding (quite well btw) and I was skiing. The destiny kept me away from snowboards so I accepted it and I will always ski. Snowboards are forbidden for me. :)
The weather was so cold! -16c! That's why I couldn't do so many photos because my hands were freezing. I hope you like the ones I took though.

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