Friday, 5 August 2011

My own space

I guess every person has such dream: To possess his/her own place to live and feel the pleasure to be "The king of the castle" (even if the "castle" isn't so big and sumptuous as in the fairy tales) :P
For me, it's a big triumph actually, since I'm a foreigner in Poland and I've been through very stressful situations in obtaining loan to buy a flat but I succeeded!

For a nature enthusiast like me, it was important to get a good location close to a park so I could be in contact with nature and would have a place to run, ride bicycle and get some fresh air. This is now my reality.

This photo beside was taken few months ago when it was still being built and now it's pretty much done. I will be living there within few weeks. Now I'm playing the role of a projectionist; choosing the best wood to have on the floor and designing the kitchen.

After I bought this flat, people again started asking me: "Nano, so you are staying in Poland then?" and I will always answer: "Of course!". There is no better place. :) If I would have to write why I don't want to go back to Brazil, I would have to write a separate post for it, so let's just skip it for now.

As of now, I consider myself the best person to give advice to foreigners in Poland on how to buy a flat, what banks treat foreigners seriously and the best places to live in Wrocław.

Soon, I'll let you all feel invited for a coffee or tea at my place! :)

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