Monday, 27 June 2011

Tatra mountains

For the fourth time I had the pleasure to visit Zakopane and its surrounding mountains. Last time I've been there was during winter in the beginning of 2009. Oh, how I missed that town...
I like to compare Zakopane to Bariloche, a similar mountain town in Patagonia (Argentina); both towns have a very nice and calm atmosphere, nice restaurants and infrastructure for winter sports and mountain trekking.
The Tatra mountains aren't as high as the Alps or Andes but have their glamour. If one is lucky enough to see a bear then will have a nice story to tell later (A Tatra bear won't eat you unless it's a mama-bear with her cubes - run away!).
The weather was not so sunny and, surprisingly, storm with frozen rain caught me when I was at 1800 meters above see level, close to Dolina Pięciu Stawów. Frankly speaking I prefer frozen rain than thunder and lightning. :) After climbing down the hill, I reached Morskie Oko, the most beautiful lake in the Tatras, depicted by the photo beside. COOL TRIP!

For full album of photos, click here.

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