Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Sonisphere Festival 2011 (Prague, CZ)

For those who are not aware of what is the Sonisphere Festival, I can quick describe it as series of metal concerts (mini-festivals) happening in many European capitals during summer. I normally go to the Prague edition (I was there in 2010 too). This year the main stars were: Cavalera Conspiracy, Misfits, KoRn, Iron Maiden, In Flames. (No Metallica unfortunately). Iron Maiden is touring on their "Final Frontier tour", promoting their new album, which is quite good by the way! My favorite song from this new album is entitled "when the wild wind blows". I recommend. :)
My good friends - and more than ever - party mates: Marek and Edmilson were there! We had so much fun with the "Jagermeister girls" -- The girls promoting the herbal liquor "Jagermeister" were quite nice and always smiley. Five Jagermeister shots make everyone "happy" enough before head banging! I'd like to say that Cavalera Conspiracy concert also kicked ass!! Raw metal with attitude with a plus in the end: ROOTS BLOODY ROOTS, remembering old Sepultura from 1996. Enough said. ;)

For more photos, click here :)

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