Monday, 18 April 2011

"Z bardzo serdecznym słowem"

I am not a philologist and I don't plan to be, but I can say that I am definitely an enthusiast of Polish language and very often curious about intrinsic details about the grammar and etymology of a given word or verb.
I have been living in Poland for nearly four years and learning the Polish language ever since. Whenever I see a misspelled word or a grammatically incorrect sentence, it somehow bothers me a bit and I normally attempt to warn and teach a native speaker to speak his/her own language properly. Because of such daring behaviour, many times people have compared me to Jan Miodek who is a well-known Polish language philologist and professor of Wrocław University. Even without knowing this man I started to few somehow connected to him through a cause; fight for a clean and correctly spoken Polish.
A good friend of mine, Marta Dyner, bought me a book with a special dedication from the master himself! The first page contains a personal dedication for me, as follows:

"Panu Danilo Rodriguesowi,
Z bardzo serdecznym słowem,
Jan Miodek 09 IV 2011"

That was cool ! :)