Saturday, 26 February 2011

Skiing in Filipovice, CZ

Video transcription:

Hi my beloved readers! I'm here in Czech Republic (Filipovice) for one more day of Ski and first of all I'd like to tell that this is NOT a ski blog. It's just momentary that I'm posting lots of ski posts and stuff but sometimes it's better to show more videos than just write words and then my blog wouldn't be so boring, so.. I'd like to share nice view that I have right now: you can see a beautiful sunny day in Filipovice, Czech Republic, sunshine, temperature is something around -5c and not so many people so, very good ski conditions. The snow is not so icy, really.. awesome to be here, yeah, very good! All right folks, so cya! bye bye!

For full album of photos, click here

* Special thanks to Karolina Korczak for inviting me for this amazing ski day. :)

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