Monday, 19 December 2011

Scoring again after 2 years break

Last time I played in the indoor football league was in 2009, scoring 20 goals in 12 matches. It's time to get back on track! Tieto team still counts on good players from 2009's league: Tobis, Laskowski and Jowsa.

The video shows the exact moment I scored the 5th (and last) goal of the match.

The match against FC Drzewce was tough, but our team (Tieto) won by 5x3.

Next match: 07.01.2012. Cya.

Monday, 5 December 2011

Absinth night at Nano's

Crazy pre-party in Wrocław, with the absinth left from the house warming party, and then the Salmiakki bottle went on, and then the Żubrówka bottle... :D

"Don't do this at home". -- As said by Alexandre F.

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Autumn's last leaves

Heh, nothing better than go for a walk in the park before things get "white" around here, because snow will fall pretty soon.
Wrocław, also known as the "Venice of the north" or "The meeting place", is full of parks that look awesome during autumn. During my infancy, I always dreamt of living close to a park so I could run, ride bicycle and be close to the nature. My home-town is full of skyscrapers and not so many green areas. The city mayor allows builders to build in areas meant to be preserved and that's making Salvador to look chaotic in some zones.
I think I had enough of tropical climate. It's nice to have a small dosage of each season. I don't want to sweat and stink all year, moreover sun might cause skin cancer or dehydration. It's better 'to be cool' all the time and go ski and the snow is abundant. That's pretty much what I'm going to do in the upcoming weeks in snowy Slovakia. :)

Few more (click to enlarge):

Sunday, 2 October 2011

Summer Vacations in Brazil

Summer vacations during Brazilian winter? Yes, I even prefer it! The "winter" in my home town is very warm anyway, so there is not so much difference in comparison to the summer but I definitely prefer +28c than +33c and the flight tickets are a bit cheaper too. :)
This time I invited few friends from my work to visit Brazil with me. It was really nice to fly with Dave, Kate, Alex and Ville. Our travel plan was to visit Salvador and Rio de Janeiro. For them it was almost 'mandatory' to pay a visit to this beautiful city watched my the famous Jesus statue. I think that to visit Brazil without seeing this statue in Rio is comparable to go to France and skip the Eiffel tower in Paris. I hadn't been to Rio since 2003 and for me was interesting too. I was being a tourist in my own country and being the guide simultaneously.
The full trip took us two weeks, but in Rio de Janeiro we had only three days. So we booked a hotel in Copacabana and visited the main spots: Jesus statue (Christ, the redeemer statue), Sugar loaf (two hills connected by a ferry-cable), Copacabana and Ipanema beaches. The nice view from the top of sugar-loaf hill is shown on the photo above.
The time spent in Salvador was more for relaxation on the beach, boat ride and for Açaí degustation. Açaí is the most tasty and healthy fruit in the world! (According to me! - very reliable source). It's rich in Sodium, Iron and Anti-oxidants! I recommend it to all people at any age. :)

This time I didn't take my own photos because I was too lazy to do so, but my friends did and shared with me, so I created a small album of photos from the trip. Just need to click here to see them. Enjoy us! :)

PS.: The guy who looks just like me in the photos is my brother, Rodrigo. He joined us in all the sight-seeing.

Monday, 15 August 2011

Kudowa-Zdrój (Poland) / Adršpach Rocks (Czech Rep.)

A weekend of relaxation and fresh air in southwest of Poland. Destination: Kudowa-Zdrój - A very welcoming place full of spas and guest-houses, just 3 hours by car from the sunny Wrocław. Definitely worth a visit!!

Not so far from Kudowa-Zdrój, in the northwest of Czech Republic, it's possible to go to Adršpach for hiking (photo beside). Nice lake and rocks, a Czech paradise! Bring your camera with you whenever you decide to go there. :)

I've seen similar rocks in the German side once, not far from Dresden; which is also a choice for hiking! (I posted about this German rocks: Click here to see the post from 2008).

For full album of photos of Adršpach/Kudowa-Zdrój 2011, click here! :)

Friday, 5 August 2011

My own space

I guess every person has such dream: To possess his/her own place to live and feel the pleasure to be "The king of the castle" (even if the "castle" isn't so big and sumptuous as in the fairy tales) :P
For me, it's a big triumph actually, since I'm a foreigner in Poland and I've been through very stressful situations in obtaining loan to buy a flat but I succeeded!

For a nature enthusiast like me, it was important to get a good location close to a park so I could be in contact with nature and would have a place to run, ride bicycle and get some fresh air. This is now my reality.

This photo beside was taken few months ago when it was still being built and now it's pretty much done. I will be living there within few weeks. Now I'm playing the role of a projectionist; choosing the best wood to have on the floor and designing the kitchen.

After I bought this flat, people again started asking me: "Nano, so you are staying in Poland then?" and I will always answer: "Of course!". There is no better place. :) If I would have to write why I don't want to go back to Brazil, I would have to write a separate post for it, so let's just skip it for now.

As of now, I consider myself the best person to give advice to foreigners in Poland on how to buy a flat, what banks treat foreigners seriously and the best places to live in Wrocław.

Soon, I'll let you all feel invited for a coffee or tea at my place! :)

Monday, 27 June 2011

Tatra mountains

For the fourth time I had the pleasure to visit Zakopane and its surrounding mountains. Last time I've been there was during winter in the beginning of 2009. Oh, how I missed that town...
I like to compare Zakopane to Bariloche, a similar mountain town in Patagonia (Argentina); both towns have a very nice and calm atmosphere, nice restaurants and infrastructure for winter sports and mountain trekking.
The Tatra mountains aren't as high as the Alps or Andes but have their glamour. If one is lucky enough to see a bear then will have a nice story to tell later (A Tatra bear won't eat you unless it's a mama-bear with her cubes - run away!).
The weather was not so sunny and, surprisingly, storm with frozen rain caught me when I was at 1800 meters above see level, close to Dolina Pięciu Stawów. Frankly speaking I prefer frozen rain than thunder and lightning. :) After climbing down the hill, I reached Morskie Oko, the most beautiful lake in the Tatras, depicted by the photo beside. COOL TRIP!

For full album of photos, click here.

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Sonisphere Festival 2011 (Prague, CZ)

For those who are not aware of what is the Sonisphere Festival, I can quick describe it as series of metal concerts (mini-festivals) happening in many European capitals during summer. I normally go to the Prague edition (I was there in 2010 too). This year the main stars were: Cavalera Conspiracy, Misfits, KoRn, Iron Maiden, In Flames. (No Metallica unfortunately). Iron Maiden is touring on their "Final Frontier tour", promoting their new album, which is quite good by the way! My favorite song from this new album is entitled "when the wild wind blows". I recommend. :)
My good friends - and more than ever - party mates: Marek and Edmilson were there! We had so much fun with the "Jagermeister girls" -- The girls promoting the herbal liquor "Jagermeister" were quite nice and always smiley. Five Jagermeister shots make everyone "happy" enough before head banging! I'd like to say that Cavalera Conspiracy concert also kicked ass!! Raw metal with attitude with a plus in the end: ROOTS BLOODY ROOTS, remembering old Sepultura from 1996. Enough said. ;)

For more photos, click here :)

Friday, 3 June 2011

Riga Good Times

This photo is epic and might help me expressing how much fun I had in Riga (the capital of Latvia) in the CouchSurfing event organized by local CSers. Amazing four days that I will never forget not only because of parties, heavy drinking, fun, new experiences... but also because I have made good new friends like Heikki from Finland, Navin from Sweden/Malaysia as well as Valerija (Valerita) from sunny Latvia.
With my friend from Brazil, CABECA, and my best friend from Vilnius, SIAROL, we made a mess!!! Drinking had no boundaries!! Having fun, hugging people for free! Haha! I miss it already! :)
I'm not sure if the organizers new it before (most likely yes) or coincidently there was also a "Go Blonde" parade on Saturday; all the blond girls from Latvia and also from abroad together and dressed in pink in streets of Riga. Do I have to say anything else? Good times!
Riga is one of the best towns I've visited; Nice, young and happy atmosphere. Comparable to Wrocław. Would be nice to spend more time there some day.

My carpe diem spirit was re-spawned and the soul of my age went even younger. Life is awesome.

For full album of photos, click here

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Discovering Ukraine

As an enthusiast in the art of exploring the wild, I knew since the beginning that a trip to Ukraine would be quite challenging for a Brazilian guy. Many young people travel to Paris, London or Madrid and then proudly say to their family and friends: "I was backpacking in Europe". I have a different point of view on this; Why not being a pioneer? Why not being a Brazilian with no boundaries? Let's make everybody eager to ask me about all the details of a nearly unknown country and get delighted with funny and interesting situations.

I flew to Kiev then.

The first cultural shock came even before getting there; While applying for a visa in the Ukrainian consulate in Kraków, I had to fill a form in Ukrainian, at least some of the fields. I had to fill the name of the inviting person and her address in the form. The consulate officer insisted that I have to fill it in Ukrainian so I had to copy from the invitation letter and it took me several minutes to 'draw' all those letters in the application form, since I'd never written anything with Cyrillic alphabet before.

On 30th of April, around 23:00 (local time), I landed in Kiev with my visa issued in Ukranian. My name written on it: "Дaнило Poдpiгес". No problems in the passport control. The taxi driver didn't speak English, nor Ukrainian! He spoke Russian only. It is explainable since Kiev (the whole Ukraine) was part of Soviet Union and big Russian influence is present even today. It will take few more decades for Ukraine to regain its identity.

Kiev is a big metropolis with nearly 3 million inhabitants, lot's of sumptuous constructions and beautiful orthodox churches with golden domes of which I won't get into much details since I'm not religious, but these churches are just beautiful monuments. An efficient metro with 3 lines for 2 UAH (single pass) without any instruction in English, only in Ukrainian or Russian. I hope they will arrange some metro instruction signs for the Eurocup 2012 when people from all over Europe might drop by to watch a match next summer. :)

I can say that by knowing the Cyrillic alphabet and having a Polish language background I could survive my first days there. Apart from the many beautiful squares and churches I also visited the local Zoo and I was very satisfied to see a Carpathian Lynx from very close and a Siberian tiger. Two of the most endangered wild cats along with the Amur Leopard.

After long 3 days of survival in sunny Kiev I took a train to Lviv, a former Polish town 6 hours away, close to the Polish border. Lviv was founded by King Danylo in the year 1256. The city is regarded as one of the main cultural centers of today's Ukraine and historically has also been a major Jewish and Polish cultural center, as Poles and Jews were the two main ethnicities of the city till the outbreak of World War II and the following Holocaust and Soviet population transfers. (Source: Wikipedia)

The town is similar to a Polish town, like Lublin. The prices are much cheaper than in Kiev and the atmosphere is very nice and calm. The town has up to 5 cinemas in which all the movies are in Ukrainian (no option of English with subtitles), the local bus is very cheap: 2 UAH, but also very crowded at all times. One thing that bothered me a bit was the lack of smoke ban in the public places. Not of all the pubs had a special place for non-smokers.

When I was leaving, I ordered a taxi through the hotel's reception desk. The taxi that showed up got had no taximeter and the driver started riding without negotiating the price. Anyway, I managed to pay a reasonable price for the ride. I won't blame Ukraine for a taxi driver because I know that taxi drivers cheat people everywhere. I got cheated by taxi drivers in New York, Buenos Aires and almost in Poland. :)

Well.. I guess my 300 photos show much more then my words, so be pleased to see nice photos from Ukrainian haunted castles and churches...

...for full album of 300 high quality photos, click here!

Next plans for a wild Eurotrip? I'm just wondering about Russia, Belarus or Moldavia. :)

Monday, 18 April 2011

"Z bardzo serdecznym słowem"

I am not a philologist and I don't plan to be, but I can say that I am definitely an enthusiast of Polish language and very often curious about intrinsic details about the grammar and etymology of a given word or verb.
I have been living in Poland for nearly four years and learning the Polish language ever since. Whenever I see a misspelled word or a grammatically incorrect sentence, it somehow bothers me a bit and I normally attempt to warn and teach a native speaker to speak his/her own language properly. Because of such daring behaviour, many times people have compared me to Jan Miodek who is a well-known Polish language philologist and professor of Wrocław University. Even without knowing this man I started to few somehow connected to him through a cause; fight for a clean and correctly spoken Polish.
A good friend of mine, Marta Dyner, bought me a book with a special dedication from the master himself! The first page contains a personal dedication for me, as follows:

"Panu Danilo Rodriguesowi,
Z bardzo serdecznym słowem,
Jan Miodek 09 IV 2011"

That was cool ! :)

Sunday, 27 March 2011

Brazil 2 x 0 Scotland

Nice photo from yesterday's integration between Scotches and Brazilians (and Brazilian supporters like Mirek) in the pub 'Tawerna pod Kilem'. There was a football friendly match between these two nations broadcasted live, the owner opened the pub few hours earlier to host the meeting. Good Czech beer and Neymar kicking ass in the field to make us (not all of us) happy. :)

On the up row: Greg holding the Scottish flag with two Scottish chicks and Przemek, a Polish dude who didn't choose the winner team to support.

On the bottom row: Me, Mirek, Fernando.

You can click on the photo to enlarge. :)

Saturday, 26 February 2011

Skiing in Filipovice, CZ

Video transcription:

Hi my beloved readers! I'm here in Czech Republic (Filipovice) for one more day of Ski and first of all I'd like to tell that this is NOT a ski blog. It's just momentary that I'm posting lots of ski posts and stuff but sometimes it's better to show more videos than just write words and then my blog wouldn't be so boring, so.. I'd like to share nice view that I have right now: you can see a beautiful sunny day in Filipovice, Czech Republic, sunshine, temperature is something around -5c and not so many people so, very good ski conditions. The snow is not so icy, really.. awesome to be here, yeah, very good! All right folks, so cya! bye bye!

For full album of photos, click here

* Special thanks to Karolina Korczak for inviting me for this amazing ski day. :)

Sunday, 13 February 2011

Skiing in Świeradów-Zdrój

Before it is too late! Maybe in the next years skiing will be a privilege for those living in the Alps or in the High Tatras. Nowadays, during winter, in the hills nearby Wrocław the temperature are having high peaks of +10c and more artificial snow is being used.

This time, I had the opportunity to join Mariusz, Mariola and Grażyna on a one-day ski trip to Świeradów-Zdrój (two hours away from Wrocław by car). This ski track is among the best ones I've been! The ski gondolas are very comfortable and the track itself is very long and not so steep. A 3-hour ski pass costs 55 zł and toilets are for free. There is a restaurant on the top of the hill as well as in the bottom. Ski equipment can be rented for 55 zł for whole day (Skis, boots, sticks).

I took few photos and from these photos it's possible to see the symptoms of global warming: The trees don't look so snowy and the villages down below also aren't snowed at all. Temperature was around -1c and the snow layer on the track was not so thick but the quality was good though.

For full album of photos click here.

Monday, 24 January 2011

Skiing in Międzybrodzie Żywieckie

This ski season has started for me a bit late since I was quite busy on December but I found one good opportunity in time. That was my 10th time on skis (of all time) and I'm finally leaving the 'amateur level' and becoming an intermediate-level skier. It takes time though. So far I haven't broken any bone nor spine (hehe), so the results are quite reasonable. Let's say that I ski as good as a Polish guy playing football (you can interpret this the way you want :P).
The snow was fresh, the weather was not so cold (around -2.2c in the early morning and -0.7c when I was leaving the ski station). I was up in the hill called "Żar" and there is only one lift to the top (747 meters from sea-level). Even tough I had a great time, I still recommend ski facilities in Zieleniec over this one in Międzybrodzie Żywieckie because there are more choices of tracks. :)

For few photos, click here.

Monday, 3 January 2011

New years eve in Prague

My second new year's eve in Prague was almost like a replay of the one in 2007/2008. During New Year's eve celebrations, a real 'war' of fireworks take place in the centre, by the National Museum. A real spectacle of colour and light.

Prague is home to a number of famous cultural attractions, many of which survived the violence and destruction of twentieth century Europe. Since 1992, the extensive historic centre of Prague has been included in the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites, making the city one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe, receiving more than 4.1 million international visitors annually, as of 2009. Prague firmly holds its position as 'Capital of Eastern Europe' and it a direct concurrence to Paris in tourism. Prague's infrastructure is quite good. The central railway station is clean with no bird shit and offers direct easy connection to airport.

2011 starts with hope of a world with no nuclear war and economic crisis. This year I feel that my traveller's spirit is back and I'm already thinking about few travel destinations like Ukraine, Latvia and Estonia. Discovering Europe with no boundaries! :)

I made few photos in Prague, to see the album click here.