Monday, 20 December 2010

Snowy Berlin

Elegance and glamour in a city which has a lot to tell; The former centre of unending battles is an open-air museum.
I had been to Berlin for the first time in March of 2007. I remember the exact date because it was my birthday and by the end of March the landscape in Berlin is not so white as in December, but still very beautiful to see and take some photos.
The photo beside was taken in the Brandenburg gate. The famous walls of Berlin which divided the city in two used to be just behind it. They eventually fell in 1989.
For those who visit, I recommend a walk through the Tiergarten park (even if it's snowy), the Berlin Zoo (Yeah, go there see the Brazilian Jaguar and the Siberian Amur leopard!), Brandenburg gate, Berlin memorial to the Jewish killed in WWII, Wax museum, the Berlin tower etc. You will need at least two full days to see them all. If you are a fan of history maybe you will need few more days.

I took few photos and I also made a video of the Brazilian jaguar (Panthera onca) which is similar to the very endangered Amur leopard (Panthera pardus orientalis).


Dai said...

Loved the picture and the blog as well..Congrats!!

Caio_BRA said...

Guigo tirando onda com o Will Smith!!!hehehe

Nano said...

Tem a foto de Guigo com Michael Jackson também, mas ele pediu pra tirar! :)


Oi Danilo,
Você é mesmo incrível! como é que deixa de estar em nossa querida Salvador, temperatura 32 graus, para enfentar um frio danado destes!!!Espero que valha a pena.
Feliz Natal para você e um Ano Novo repleto de realizações. Um abraço.