Monday, 29 November 2010

White morning in Wrocław

Suddenly the temperature has plunged to as low as -8c in Wrocław and, unusually, the snow layer remains still. Normally, the first snow melts within few days acting like a warning to what is coming soon. In this season snow has come for good. :)
I ordered a pizza today and few minutes later they called me back from the pizzeria saying that the driver won't deliver it since he is afraid to ride his scooter on such slippery roads. No pizza then!
The photo beside was taken from my window at work. The view from my flat isn't so different but I took the photo from work because when I leave home to work (or when I come back) it's too dark to take a photo. The days became quite short lately. "Great" news are that in January will be even colder. For tomorrow forecasts say -11c.
By clicking on the photo beside you can get a larger view.