Sunday, 10 October 2010

Discovering Finland #2

Yes... I'm back in Finland. Surprisingly, much sooner than I expected. Just few days before first snow hits the ground.

I didn't manage to visit Turku as said I would, in the previous post (Discovering Finland). I came to Tampere on a business trip and I thought I could dedicate more time for the work itself than travelling to other towns, so I guess I will visit Turku when I come back to Finland for the third time (but when?). The thing is... I loved Tampere and there are too many places in Finland to visit, such as: Oulu, Turku, Ivalo and so on. I can't hide the fact that I'd love to live in Finland for awhile, but I don't think it's easy to be a nomad and leave Poland without looking back after more than three years living there. Once I also wanted to live in Slovakia, but it became a distant dream for me since all my plans to live there didn't work out... But coming back to the subject: Tampere's atmosphere is so nice! There is a set of basic things which are my criteria to judge whether a city is a cool place to live. Tampere fulfils it, because: a) there is a place in Tampere in which they play drum'n'bass. b) there is an amusement park with roller-coasters. c) there are IT companies for me to work in. d) metal bands do come to Tampere. e) Ryanair flies to Tampere's airport. f) women are incomparably beautiful and like metal. g) apartments in here are relatively cheaper than in Wrocław or Warsaw h) Tampere is sunny. i) lots of lakes and vegetation in the surroundings. j) it's possible to buy a super-saving 12-pack of Karjala beer in the markets... what else I might need?

I made good friends in here, specially Sampo, a cool guy who took me and the Polish staff for a city tour and invited me to Primal Fear's concert! This concert really kicked ass! We also tried some Perkele shots! :)

And, as I write this post, I see another Finnish chapter coming to its end and in few days it's time to come back to sunny Wrocław, the meeting point, because friends are waiting and there is Czech beer to be drunk next Saturday. My life is like a videogame.

For some photos, click here