Monday, 13 September 2010


Amazing Friday shooting paint-balls with friends! Nano, the Brazilian comando in war among poles! The photo beside shows our team's German-flagged uniform and two combatants; the long-haired Brazilian on the left. :) The whole event was organised by Scooby, my good evil friend (Yeah, złoo!), we did our best to shoot them out (the blue-coloured squad), but we got smashed unfortunately. I can answer, in advance, the question that you (yes, the reader) might give me: I took only one headshot! :)

Some photos (Click to enlarge):

Full album:


Helio said...

Naneta nunca mais te vi no msn, vi essa noticia e lembrei de vc:

Nano said...

eu nao uso mais Windows, por isso nao tenho aparecido no MSN.

Meu skype ID eh: nanoo_metaleiro

forte abraco,