Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Silesian castles

More reasons to visit Poland? Its beautiful castles and ruins! If you want to take nice photos and feel a little bit of the medieval spirit of centuries ago, be welcomed to Silesia (southern Poland).

I had the opportunity to visit few castles and ruins last weekend with friends from Chorzów and we started from Ogrodzieniec, beautiful medieval ruins in which heavy metal band Iron Maiden, recorded a video clip for their classic song "Hallowed by thy name" [Click here to see it]. This castle ruins reminded me the Spišský hrad (in Slovakia), it's really an open-air treasure! Next castle was the Bobolice castle, no longer ruins because it was fully rebuilt, this one has a nice natural stone gate and has a nice view to the forest. The third castle to visit was the castle Mirów, which is still not open for public visitation because needs restoration. Nice photos and pleasant weekend. Special thanks to Ania Osadnik for inviting me.

Castles that I would buy myself to start my kingdom! :)

For full album of photos, click here!