Saturday, 3 July 2010

Having fun in Brazil

Mission impossible? To have fun in the most intense way I can for two weeks, because soon I will back in Poland to continue with my 'carpe diem' thing! My Brazilian friends still remember me! (Nice!). I so far met again: Helton, Joanna, Felipe, Ana Carol, Dirinha, Luiz Brandao and Helio. Most of my good friends abandoned the touristic Salvador for better jobs in São Paulo (some people prefer Poland!). Was nice to watch world cup matches with family and friends even through tough times like the ones in the last match, but football is unpredictable anyway. Lots of Brazilian beer, açaí, octopus goulash(moqueca), acarajé... Brazilian specialities that I might never get enough. I would like to thank Condor airlines for having a direct (and reasonably cheap) flight connection between Frankfurt and Salvador, because I hate the airports of São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. Just too crowded for me! Now (July) is winter in Salvador, heavy rain is bothering that sometimes makes me think; Would I prefer to lay down and relax in the park poludniowy in sunny Wroclaw? I still have enough summer when I get back to Poland. If I was able to convince family and friends to move to Poland I'd certainly do it. :)

On this photo: Felipe Bandeira, Joanna Orrico (Kitana), Me.