Monday, 14 June 2010

Discovering Finland

As I'm waiting for my flight right now, I think I can start writing about this beautiful country. Unforgettable two weeks spent here and now it is time to say good bye and go back to Poland (Oooohhhh!). Even though I'm here officially, I had enough time to sight-see Helsinki last weekend accompanied by two friends from the same company as me: Maciej and Ville. Helsinki is a port city which has many cruise lines and ferryboat connections from its harbour to nearly all cities by the Baltic sea. The most beautiful spot in Helsinki is the Suomelinna fortress which is a fortified island used in many battles in the history of Finland and Swedish empire. Was occupied by different armies. Not so long ago it was returned to civil control and has become a tourist spot with its beautiful view to the sea and perfect place for camping or relaxation (check how I was relaxed on this photo beside). To get to this island there are ferryboats coming and going pretty often, specially during summer. If you go there some day, don't miss the "beer of the house" in Suomelinna!
Afterwards, back in the centre, there was a Brazilian-samba parade and lots of Finnish samba dancers dressed-up same way as people do in Rio de Janeiro during carnival. Nice photos were taken! I've done some unforgettable things here, for example: to buy a Mexican "burrito" for 15,30 Euros, yes it's correctly written: fifteen Euros and thirty cents. The most expensive burrito you can find. :) In the evening, time to enjoy night-life in Helsinki even though it took some time until it really looks like 'night', the days are very long in summer; sunsets around 23:00 and sunrise around 3:30. In so short time in Finland I was able to meet really interesting people. I met
Kukka in the club (what was the name?), she was so kind girl and overwhelmed me by being more 'carpe diem' than me (shame on me). She also wanted to take me to the the Linnanmäki amusement park, to ride the one of the biggest 100%-wooden roller-coasters in Europe, but time was short. :( Back in Salo (115 km from Helsinki), I met Janina and Kari, a metal young couple, that were friendly enough to take me to Kari's death-metal band rehearsal! I even got from them a CD. Salo Metal rules! :)
One more thing I also would like to write is about the "Finninglish" spoken here! LOL! It's normal for a non-native English speaker to be confused with the following place prepositions: IN, ON, AT; For example: IN the shopping centre, but AT the Airport. Why not "IN the airport" ? ... Anyway, Finnish people don't have this problem because they use "TO" instead, which is not a place preposition at all! In the beginning I was confused. I called the owner of the flat I was going to live in for these two weeks, expecting to get my keys:

Nano: Hi, I just arrived in Salo. What do I do now?
Flat owner: Nice! I left your keys to the mailbox.
(For a moment I was wondering: I don't plan to get any letter during my stay here, moreover I'm not giving this address to anybody, but... whatever.)
Nano: Where did you leave them?
Flat owner: To the mailbox!!
(... FAIL! ...)

Similar linguistic issue is with the verb TO ASK. We normally say "ask SOMEBODY" or "ask FOR something". The Finnish ask FROM somebody! Nearly every Finnish use this verb like this, making it the most common English-grammar mistake among Finnish people.

Even inside the premises of the biggest Finnish company I read a sign: "If you lost some of your belongings here, ask from the security guard." -- FAIL. ;)

Next time I come, I will for sure visit Turku, the oldest Finnish city and probably the best one to have fun! I'm already looking forward to it!

Ok, most of people will skip my post and will avidly look for a link to the photos anyway, so... here it goes:


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Adm.Thiago said...

I am not a "jealous person", but would love to have gone there. However, while you were enjoying your "carpe diem" I was doing tests. Then enjoy a lot and always remember those who fell in battle. Keep moving man.