Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Wrocław Reception Weekend

We invite you to come to Wrocław 21-23 May 2010 where you will meet and see many amazing places and people. More info coming soon. You can contact coordinator of the project:

Saturday, 3 April 2010

Lonely ride

Wrocław abandoned. Everybody is gone for Easter celebrations somewhere out of town and I'm one of few people far from home and with no company even for a bike ride. That's today's' scenario.

Riding bike reminds me the time I used to ride bike with my father and my brother. Would be nice to ride with them. I hope I won't have to wait too much till I can do it once again.

On the other hand, when I don't talk I end up thinking! Thinking about what? Many things! About how beautiful is Wrocław and how proud I am, to have chosen the best city in Europe to be!

My ride was from my flat to the Centennial Hall crossing the city centre in strategic points like Ostrów Tumski, Grunwaldzki Bridge, City hall and Zoo. It's a very sunny and warm day: +13c and, definitely, the best way to see Wrocław is by bike! I just came back from this ride and I feel like going out to do it again! I'm getting used to the loneliness, it isn't so bad.

This bike on the photo used to belong to my good friend, Michał Rusin, who left his home town to explore the world around, just like I did. And he probably can't join his family for Easter as well. So I'd like to dedicate this post not only to Michał but to all of you who took 'the road less travelled by' in life! Who faced your own fears to live your dreams!

I'm just going to Biedronka to buy some chocolate and I will celebrate Easter my way. Wesołych świąt! Cya! :)