Monday, 15 March 2010

Student's Conference in Kowary

Nano and TitoBack in the "wild west", land of Billy the kid and Buffalo Bill. An unconscious journey till we hit the floor... I hope you all know what I mean (LOL).
I knew it was going to be hard! On Friday, while I was going by car with friends to Kowary, PL (not far from Czech Republic's border) for a student's conference, we stopped for a moment in some shop to buy the sacred bottles, distilled and filtrated that are demanded in such conferences. :)

"Out of respect for nature, our vodka and drinkers. Promising, that the vodka we reserve, is as pure as it was thousands of years ago." -- Korpiklaani.

I took an important role in this conference; I was "the Chair" -- "Uuhh! Nano sensasja! Na na na na na na na na ee ee ee! take your clothes off!". I was very grateful for being the chosen one, to share my experiences as ALUMNUS of this student's organization and also my experiences on "how to have fun, make a mess and scare the cat". I guess I succeeded. :P

Among other good friends, Tito (my friend from UFBA) and Supreet (from India) joined me in this unforgettable experience! We all could dance, sing, make friends, take part in funny competitions and enjoy diversity! I would like to say thanks for the support (specially) to: Ola Sawicka, Paweł Solowczuk, Kasia Gniewosz, Pawel Antkowiak, Iga Szczudło (for the dirty dancing with me), Gosia Raczynska (for smiling all the time), Tito (for the free juice) and to all the girls who wanted a 'nano-kiss' to get 35 points in the kissing competition. That was very sweet.

Few photos (click on them to enlarge) :

Is Nano still messing up the east side? Definitely, YES. :)