Sunday, 7 March 2010

Skiing in Zieleniec again (Season's last ride)

It was so good that I had to come again! Ski has become my passion!! Last time I was skiing nightly to avoid huge queues on the lift, but during daylight it's OK to ski as well since the ski-lifts in Zieleniec are very fast and some of them can carry up to six people at once! not bad!

Get to know more about ski station in Zieleniec by accessing their portal:

I noticed that my ski skills had significant advance during these last two rides! I'm consolidating my status of 'intermediate rider', to achieve soon the status of 'Ski Ninja'. I always say: "It's a long way up if you wanna rock'n'roll!" - Never give up on dreams! :)

I would like to say a big THANKS to my good friends: Seba, Karolinka and Michał Koziak for the pleasant company in this six-hour ride! They are the best! :)

For full album of photos, click here!

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