Monday, 22 February 2010

Australian yeast cream!

Just love it. Haha! Anyway, It contains sodium!
Vegemite is some sort of yeast cream that can be bought canned by Kraft foods. Very sour! I just tried some of it with bread, brought by Louisa, my Australian friend (depicted on the photo beside).

It was a great evening of fun at Global Village event, which was part of Academy of Perspectives project run by one of the AIESEC committees in Wrocław. I met as well people from Bulgaria, Armenia, New Zealand, Brazil, Uzbekistan and etc. Yeah, expanding my contact list! :)

Lately, I started to go out more often and tried to be again among my AIESEC friends. I even got invited to join the Local Committee Conference as the conference's chair, due to my experience and achievements during my learning cycle in this organization. Sharing is part of cycle. I'm constantly trying to contribute with AIESEC since I'm veery grateful for what I've achieved through it. Nano wouldn't be 'messing up the east side' if it wasn't for AIESEC. :)

I'll keep y'all posted. Cya.

Friday, 19 February 2010

Polska's Best Vodka

Yes. Poland's best vodka! Quality does matter for me!

When I first bought a bottle of vodka from Poland to my father, I chose Absolwent (in English: "Bachelor"). And I got positive feedback from him.

Yesterday, I got a vodka bottle from my team leader at work:

Absolwent Luxury
, from Białystok, Poland.

Four times distilled and nano-filtrated!

Definitely recommended by me! :)

( If you're gonna drive, don't drink! If you gonna drink, then call me! )