Sunday, 31 January 2010

Protest or ignorance?

To think about...

Brazil is well-known as the country of football, volleyball, carnival, beaches and JIU-JITSU.

I was very happy to find the Brazilian flag being sold in Poprad, Slovakia. Salesman said that many people look for that flag because they are fans of our football players.

Unfortunately, in Poland I had a small deception. People trying to exploit the reputation of the Brazilian jiu-jitsu by selling kimonos with embroidered Brazilian flag...

Ok, but... THE FLAGS ARE UP-SIDE DOWN (On all kimonos in the shop).

I informed them about the mistake, they said 'thanks', but they took no action on this.

My question: Would it be a protest or ignorance?

(Click on the photo to enlarge it).

Friday, 29 January 2010

Short interview for RedBox TV (Polish)

I was just trying to explain everything. These AWF guys weren't supposed to be in such amateur league! And, like always, video editors misspelled my name again. :P

Saturday, 23 January 2010

Wrocław's indoor football league

Recently, I joined the Tieto's (my company's) squad in the RedBox amateur league of indoor football.
I have not been playing in 2009 and I have to restore my physical condition as well as my Brazilian football skills!
Most of Brazilian boys play football since the early age and I guess this is the main reason that made us always thirsty to score more and more goals.
I like to play with the poles, they are real soldiers during match and I have to admit that I learnt few things with them; They don't get demotivated even when we are losing (at least in my team) and that boosts the spirit of competition and teamwork! Currently, I am the top-scorer of our team with 8 goals (alongside Wojtek and Grzegorz that also have scored 8 times). We will have our last match of this winter-leg of the league on next saturday(30.01) and then a break until march. I'll keep you posted! :)

For more photos from the matches, click here!

Saturday, 2 January 2010


This was my second time in Chile. The first trip was in 2007 and that was my last trip before emigrating to Poland. By then, I couldn't explore nature as I wanted. Chile is a country for eco-tourism! really! 900 km driving down south and you are in Patagonia!!

Common activities in Chile are: climbing, mountain bike, body-rafting... To enjoy every second of my short trip to South America was mandatory! -- I could have changed the name of this blog for awhile to: "
Nano's messing up the southern cone"! LOL!

I was driving a Toyota, V6-powered engine, 4x4. The roads in Chile are impeccably good and clean! Speed limit was a little bit boring; 120km/h which is slightly better than the 110 km/h speed limit on the Brazilians' highways. I MISS THE AUTOBAHNS! :)
Anyway, nine hours after departing from Santiago, I was in Pucón, a small touristic town by the volcano Villarrica. One of the most active volcanos in the Andes mountain chain! (Yuhuu!).

When I heard of the possibility of climbing this volcano, I said:
- That's beautiful!
In Pucón there is an alert system that consists on coloured-lamps with the following meaning: Green: No threat / Yellow: Evacuation recommended / Red: Eruption going on! Run for your lives!

Climbing this volcano can be easy or challenging! I was a bit unlucky due to the fact that was very windy! Hopefully, the weather was sunny in the early morning. Impressive how warm was in the city and how cold and windy was on the top. A very icy snow made it dangerous and the ice-pick was really necessary during the whole ascent which took me around five hours. Few days after I climbed it, there was an avalanche that has injured few people; a Brazilian guy at my age had his leg broken.

I can use this post to give a free advice for those who want to climb this volcano: PLEASE, TAKE YOUR SUNSCREEN!! Regardless of the fact that there is snow and is very cold up-there. UV rays are reflected on the snow and they harm the skin effectively.

Back in Santiago, time for countdown to the new decade. The 00's were very tough for humanity. The 10's start with hope, specially for the environment. I wish a happy 2010 to all my readers! :)

Santiago can be seen in the background in this photo taken during my mountain bike ride with my brother:

And then, few photos from the fireworks in Santiago:

Friday, 1 January 2010

Tutorial: How to send me an SMS! :)

In order to send me an SMS, just need to fill the boxes on the left according to the instructions:

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"Odpowiedz na tego SMS przeslij na:" means "Response to this sms redirect to:" - So, write a desired email address.

And after filling the captcha field with the text automatically generated, just click 'Wyslij' (which means 'Send').