Sunday, 26 December 2010

Snow storm (as seen from my window)

I just can't get tired of this view. Let it snow! A morning spectacle of nature. Makes me feel like singing:

When the winter comes and the cold sets in
As the city's prone to do
They forecast heavy seas and gale force winds
That's really nothing new

When I'm falling down
Deeper than the underground
My thoughts race back to you
Again and again

Monday, 20 December 2010

Snowy Berlin

Elegance and glamour in a city which has a lot to tell; The former centre of unending battles is an open-air museum.
I had been to Berlin for the first time in March of 2007. I remember the exact date because it was my birthday and by the end of March the landscape in Berlin is not so white as in December, but still very beautiful to see and take some photos.
The photo beside was taken in the Brandenburg gate. The famous walls of Berlin which divided the city in two used to be just behind it. They eventually fell in 1989.
For those who visit, I recommend a walk through the Tiergarten park (even if it's snowy), the Berlin Zoo (Yeah, go there see the Brazilian Jaguar and the Siberian Amur leopard!), Brandenburg gate, Berlin memorial to the Jewish killed in WWII, Wax museum, the Berlin tower etc. You will need at least two full days to see them all. If you are a fan of history maybe you will need few more days.

I took few photos and I also made a video of the Brazilian jaguar (Panthera onca) which is similar to the very endangered Amur leopard (Panthera pardus orientalis).

Saturday, 4 December 2010

Spanish nightmare

I've just lived the most frustrating weekend ever! I was supposed to meet my family in Madrid and stay there for three days before heading back (with them) to snowy Wrocław.
I had a flight from Wrocław to Madrid via Frankfurt. I left work on Friday at 15:00 so I could be on time for the flight at 17:00 to Frankfurt and then connect to another flight to Madrid. Before getting on board, I was constantly checking the current situation of my next flight (the one to Madrid) on my phone. There were no cancellation nor delay remarks on it. Everything was going to be fine, but the first leg of the flight was starting to get delayed. Airport staff informed that the crew was one hour delayed because they got stuck in Wrocław's traffic jam. Why didn't the crew leave the hotel earlier? Some people just can't handle Wrocław! But even with one hour delay I would have enough time to connect my flight to Madrid. So, let's fly then!
My first big frustration came when I landed in Frankfurt and the flight to Madrid was canceled (it got canceled when I was already flying! bad luck, isn't it?). Air space controllers started a strike in whole Spain. There were still lots of uncertainties whether it was going to be long. Lufthansa arranged me some hotel for the night and put me in the next flight to Madrid at 6:55 in the morning of Saturday. After a very short night in Frankfurt (slept only 4 hours) I rushed back to the airport and got the information that the flight at 6:55 had been canceled. They kept being optimistic and put me on the flight at 9:35 which eventually got canceled too. Everybody expected some quick action from the coward government of Spain. The strike affected nearly 250.000 people. My 3-day weekend was getting shorter, and I decided to come back to Poland. I asked them to re-book my flight back to Wrocław which was originally scheduled for Monday at 20:05 to the same flight on that Saturday. When I tried to check-in later I got another big frustration: flight back to Wrocław got also canceled due to technical problems (four canceled flights for me within 24h - Am I going to Guinness book for that?) and the next flight to Wrocław was going to be on Sunday at 12:35. I went back to Lufthansa's desk and I said that I just want to go back to Poland! To whichever airport they can get me a flight to! So they offered me a flight to Poznań at 16:00. Deal. From Poznań to Wrocław the train journey took me two hours and twenty seven minutes, no delays. Nightmare ended for me on Saturday around 22:00 when I was already under my warm blanket and writing this post. I'm not flying to Spain so soon. I hate it already! :P Next time, maybe a train trip to Ukraine or Croatia. :)

Monday, 29 November 2010

White morning in Wrocław

Suddenly the temperature has plunged to as low as -8c in Wrocław and, unusually, the snow layer remains still. Normally, the first snow melts within few days acting like a warning to what is coming soon. In this season snow has come for good. :)
I ordered a pizza today and few minutes later they called me back from the pizzeria saying that the driver won't deliver it since he is afraid to ride his scooter on such slippery roads. No pizza then!
The photo beside was taken from my window at work. The view from my flat isn't so different but I took the photo from work because when I leave home to work (or when I come back) it's too dark to take a photo. The days became quite short lately. "Great" news are that in January will be even colder. For tomorrow forecasts say -11c.
By clicking on the photo beside you can get a larger view.

Sunday, 10 October 2010

Discovering Finland #2

Yes... I'm back in Finland. Surprisingly, much sooner than I expected. Just few days before first snow hits the ground.

I didn't manage to visit Turku as said I would, in the previous post (Discovering Finland). I came to Tampere on a business trip and I thought I could dedicate more time for the work itself than travelling to other towns, so I guess I will visit Turku when I come back to Finland for the third time (but when?). The thing is... I loved Tampere and there are too many places in Finland to visit, such as: Oulu, Turku, Ivalo and so on. I can't hide the fact that I'd love to live in Finland for awhile, but I don't think it's easy to be a nomad and leave Poland without looking back after more than three years living there. Once I also wanted to live in Slovakia, but it became a distant dream for me since all my plans to live there didn't work out... But coming back to the subject: Tampere's atmosphere is so nice! There is a set of basic things which are my criteria to judge whether a city is a cool place to live. Tampere fulfils it, because: a) there is a place in Tampere in which they play drum'n'bass. b) there is an amusement park with roller-coasters. c) there are IT companies for me to work in. d) metal bands do come to Tampere. e) Ryanair flies to Tampere's airport. f) women are incomparably beautiful and like metal. g) apartments in here are relatively cheaper than in Wrocław or Warsaw h) Tampere is sunny. i) lots of lakes and vegetation in the surroundings. j) it's possible to buy a super-saving 12-pack of Karjala beer in the markets... what else I might need?

I made good friends in here, specially Sampo, a cool guy who took me and the Polish staff for a city tour and invited me to Primal Fear's concert! This concert really kicked ass! We also tried some Perkele shots! :)

And, as I write this post, I see another Finnish chapter coming to its end and in few days it's time to come back to sunny Wrocław, the meeting point, because friends are waiting and there is Czech beer to be drunk next Saturday. My life is like a videogame.

For some photos, click here

Monday, 13 September 2010


Amazing Friday shooting paint-balls with friends! Nano, the Brazilian comando in war among poles! The photo beside shows our team's German-flagged uniform and two combatants; the long-haired Brazilian on the left. :) The whole event was organised by Scooby, my good evil friend (Yeah, złoo!), we did our best to shoot them out (the blue-coloured squad), but we got smashed unfortunately. I can answer, in advance, the question that you (yes, the reader) might give me: I took only one headshot! :)

Some photos (Click to enlarge):

Full album:

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Sepultura in Wrocław

Brazilian Metal in Wrocław. That's true! Brazil is not only carnival, sun and beaches! We bring the metal to the people!! Ha! Last Tuesday (17th of August) I attended Sepultura's concert in Wrocław and that was my third time in a Sepultura live gig (1999, 2003, 2010), but none of them with Max Cavalera on vocals. Max's band (SoulFly) also performed in Wrocław months ago but I was in Brazil! (my bad). I'm satisfied with the new Sepultura and the new album A-Lex. This year I've been being lucky so far, because my favourites songs are being played in every concert I go! Metallica performed "Disposable Heroes" and "Fade to black" this year and Sepultura performed my favourite "Ratamahatta" with additional percussion. I head-banged so hard that my neck still hurts! A big "Oh yeeeaaaah!" for that!!! :D
I'm pretty sure that I was the only Brazilian in the audience!! The only real extreme-brutal-brazilian-metal-force fan!! hehe!! Even thought it's possible to see on the photo beside, a wristband with the Brazilian flag depicted -- that was not me! :)

I found on YouTube an amateur footage of the live performance of "Ratamahatta". Please see below:

Enjoy also few photo albums from different sources:


Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Silesian castles

More reasons to visit Poland? Its beautiful castles and ruins! If you want to take nice photos and feel a little bit of the medieval spirit of centuries ago, be welcomed to Silesia (southern Poland).

I had the opportunity to visit few castles and ruins last weekend with friends from Chorzów and we started from Ogrodzieniec, beautiful medieval ruins in which heavy metal band Iron Maiden, recorded a video clip for their classic song "Hallowed by thy name" [Click here to see it]. This castle ruins reminded me the Spišský hrad (in Slovakia), it's really an open-air treasure! Next castle was the Bobolice castle, no longer ruins because it was fully rebuilt, this one has a nice natural stone gate and has a nice view to the forest. The third castle to visit was the castle Mirów, which is still not open for public visitation because needs restoration. Nice photos and pleasant weekend. Special thanks to Ania Osadnik for inviting me.

Castles that I would buy myself to start my kingdom! :)

For full album of photos, click here!

Saturday, 3 July 2010

Having fun in Brazil

Mission impossible? To have fun in the most intense way I can for two weeks, because soon I will back in Poland to continue with my 'carpe diem' thing! My Brazilian friends still remember me! (Nice!). I so far met again: Helton, Joanna, Felipe, Ana Carol, Dirinha, Luiz Brandao and Helio. Most of my good friends abandoned the touristic Salvador for better jobs in São Paulo (some people prefer Poland!). Was nice to watch world cup matches with family and friends even through tough times like the ones in the last match, but football is unpredictable anyway. Lots of Brazilian beer, açaí, octopus goulash(moqueca), acarajé... Brazilian specialities that I might never get enough. I would like to thank Condor airlines for having a direct (and reasonably cheap) flight connection between Frankfurt and Salvador, because I hate the airports of São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. Just too crowded for me! Now (July) is winter in Salvador, heavy rain is bothering that sometimes makes me think; Would I prefer to lay down and relax in the park poludniowy in sunny Wroclaw? I still have enough summer when I get back to Poland. If I was able to convince family and friends to move to Poland I'd certainly do it. :)

On this photo: Felipe Bandeira, Joanna Orrico (Kitana), Me.

Monday, 28 June 2010

"Wroclawians" support Brazil in the World Cup

In Poland, but always with Brazil! That was how the Brazilians living in Wroclaw supported the Brazil's national team! (Photo on left depicts: five notable Brazilians living in Wroclaw singing the Brazilian hymn)
In the Salty square (Plac Solny) , a fanzone was set up to provide adequate atmosphere to watch the matches, to cheer up and of course, to scream: "GOOOOLLLL, PORRA!, CARALHO!!, TOMA FILA DA PUTA!!!". -- Hehehe, I know, I know... little exaggeration but that's how we do it, wherever we may roam! :)
Some Poles support Brazil and some DON'T. I guess it is motivated by envy. Incredible how I could see one Polish boy carrying a huge Ivory's Coast flag!! Never heard of any strong ties between Poland and Ivory Coast. Nothing can erase that from history: Brazil, five times champion of the World in football and on its march to the sixth! Go Brazil!

Monday, 21 June 2010

Metallica Experience #3

Now I can say that my 'Metallica experience' is fulfilled. I just had my best concert ever. It was the third time I attended a Metallica concert. The setlist couldn't be any better since most of the songs Metallica has performed were from their older albums and among them were my two favourite songs: DISPOSABLE HEROES and FADE TO BLACK! The performance was outstanding and made me forgive them for the poor performance in Chorzów, PL in 2008 whereas Kirk Hammett poorly played the guitar solo of the classic RIDE THE LIGHTNING and that made me feel disappointed (seriously). James Hetfield has used an acoustic guitar to play the intro for FADE TO BLACK, and that was a big present for me, better than any Christmas gift I've ever gotten. Probably the best seven minutes of my life! :)

Was it everything? No! Since I had paid to be in the Golden Circle (the closest sector to the stage), I was less than ten meters far from the artists and I could grab James Hetfield's guitar pick that he threw to the audience while performing the song 'Sad but true'. Now I have my own relic (my precious!) that I will keep carefully, so fifty years from now, people might ask me about the best metal band of all time and I will have a lot to tell. :)

The idea of the festival was to get "The big 4" together for the first time in history! What are the big 4? Simple: Megadeth, Metallica, Slayer and Anthrax : The four biggest 80's thrash metal bands from California, US.

Metallica's setlist was: Creeping Death, For Whom The Bell Tolls, Disposable Heroes, Harvester Of Sorrow, Fade To Black, That Was Just Your Life, Cyanide, Sad But True, Welcome Home (Sanitarium), My Apocalypse, One, Master Of Puppets, Battery, Nothing Else Matters, Enter Sandman, Helpless(Diamond Head cover), Motorbreath, Seek & Destroy


Monday, 14 June 2010

Discovering Finland

As I'm waiting for my flight right now, I think I can start writing about this beautiful country. Unforgettable two weeks spent here and now it is time to say good bye and go back to Poland (Oooohhhh!). Even though I'm here officially, I had enough time to sight-see Helsinki last weekend accompanied by two friends from the same company as me: Maciej and Ville. Helsinki is a port city which has many cruise lines and ferryboat connections from its harbour to nearly all cities by the Baltic sea. The most beautiful spot in Helsinki is the Suomelinna fortress which is a fortified island used in many battles in the history of Finland and Swedish empire. Was occupied by different armies. Not so long ago it was returned to civil control and has become a tourist spot with its beautiful view to the sea and perfect place for camping or relaxation (check how I was relaxed on this photo beside). To get to this island there are ferryboats coming and going pretty often, specially during summer. If you go there some day, don't miss the "beer of the house" in Suomelinna!
Afterwards, back in the centre, there was a Brazilian-samba parade and lots of Finnish samba dancers dressed-up same way as people do in Rio de Janeiro during carnival. Nice photos were taken! I've done some unforgettable things here, for example: to buy a Mexican "burrito" for 15,30 Euros, yes it's correctly written: fifteen Euros and thirty cents. The most expensive burrito you can find. :) In the evening, time to enjoy night-life in Helsinki even though it took some time until it really looks like 'night', the days are very long in summer; sunsets around 23:00 and sunrise around 3:30. In so short time in Finland I was able to meet really interesting people. I met
Kukka in the club (what was the name?), she was so kind girl and overwhelmed me by being more 'carpe diem' than me (shame on me). She also wanted to take me to the the Linnanmäki amusement park, to ride the one of the biggest 100%-wooden roller-coasters in Europe, but time was short. :( Back in Salo (115 km from Helsinki), I met Janina and Kari, a metal young couple, that were friendly enough to take me to Kari's death-metal band rehearsal! I even got from them a CD. Salo Metal rules! :)
One more thing I also would like to write is about the "Finninglish" spoken here! LOL! It's normal for a non-native English speaker to be confused with the following place prepositions: IN, ON, AT; For example: IN the shopping centre, but AT the Airport. Why not "IN the airport" ? ... Anyway, Finnish people don't have this problem because they use "TO" instead, which is not a place preposition at all! In the beginning I was confused. I called the owner of the flat I was going to live in for these two weeks, expecting to get my keys:

Nano: Hi, I just arrived in Salo. What do I do now?
Flat owner: Nice! I left your keys to the mailbox.
(For a moment I was wondering: I don't plan to get any letter during my stay here, moreover I'm not giving this address to anybody, but... whatever.)
Nano: Where did you leave them?
Flat owner: To the mailbox!!
(... FAIL! ...)

Similar linguistic issue is with the verb TO ASK. We normally say "ask SOMEBODY" or "ask FOR something". The Finnish ask FROM somebody! Nearly every Finnish use this verb like this, making it the most common English-grammar mistake among Finnish people.

Even inside the premises of the biggest Finnish company I read a sign: "If you lost some of your belongings here, ask from the security guard." -- FAIL. ;)

Next time I come, I will for sure visit Turku, the oldest Finnish city and probably the best one to have fun! I'm already looking forward to it!

Ok, most of people will skip my post and will avidly look for a link to the photos anyway, so... here it goes:


Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Finland: First impressions

Finland, a First world country with an upper-cased "F"! Like all the Scandinavian countries, Finland is highly developed in all matters, very high human development index (HDI), no poverty in the streets, water from the tap is "very drinkable" as they told me here. It's not just tap water with high concentration of chlorine in order to make it drinkable (People do it in some countries). Finland is also very concerned about the environment; all the plastic bottles and cans are sold with a deposit of twenty Euro cents to force the consumer to return the bottle/can for recycling (ok, I've seen it in Germany as well). And what I liked most is that the whole country is like a forest! plenty of trees and lakes everywhere. I'm considering coming here to live for a longer time some day! Just need to find the right opportunity (could be a job or... a woman)!

My first impressions of Finnish people are also very positive. People have manners in here! Drivers really stop their cars for the pedestrians to cross (ok, in Norway as well but definitely not in Poland, Brazil or in Greece!) and most people everywhere speaks good English even though sometimes they might have an unique Finnish accent which is like honey for my ears when spoken by a female (no no, I'm not sexist). Their favourite sport seems to be hockey because I've seen many of them carrying hockey sticks after work, and best of all is that Finland is THE heavy metal country. Very nice bands like Korpiklaani, come from Finland!

I will make a photo album soon! It's just the beginning of my Finnish adventure. :)

Thursday, 27 May 2010

Wrocław Reception Weekend #2

Wrocław Reception Weekend successfully accomplished! The flood didn't reach the city centre, the weather was sunny and the people were awesome!! More than twenty foreigners joined. Weekend of diversity with people from China, Vietnam, Romania, Brazil, Slovakia, Greece, Colombia, Italy, USA and many more. I had the pleasure to host my friends from Slovakia: Janka, Dusan and Peng (actually Chinese, but living in Slovakia).
On Friday night (21st May), we had a big party in club 'Pasja' (of course, after a Slovak-style pre-party at my flat) and coming back home at dawn. After 3-4 hours of rest we had to wake-up for a sight-seeing with Magda Ostrowska, the best city-guide ever! She is able to figure out legends and tales in the blink of an eye and she was very convincing. The party on Saturday was in the club 'Melincafe' and then 'Melanż'. And, of course, we had fun until dawn.

For some photos, click here.

Upcoming Reception Weekends will be in Gdańsk and Toruń. Nice cities that I really recommend.

Sunday, 9 May 2010

The Netherlands

After two and a half years living in Europe, for the first time I had the opportunity to visit one of the most amazing countries in Europe. The Netherlands are an unique country due to the fact that most of its lands are situated below the sea level. Significant land area has been gained through land reclamation and preserved through an elaborate system of polders and dikes.

The Netherlands are also known among young people as the country of "sex, drugs and rock and roll", since prostitution and soft drugs are tolerated within its boundaries. I had a free city tour in Amsterdam and the guide was explaining that the
coffeeshops (The place in which people consume and buy weed) are a good business and injects around three billion Euro into Dutch economy (not bad).

I planned my trip to have enough time to see the best of the country so: three nights in The Hague, two nights in Amsterdam and two nights in Utrecht. My first stop was The Hague, the political centre and, even though not officially the capital, all the embassies and diplomatic bureaus are located there. Even the queen Beatrix left Amsterdam to live in The Hague. So, for me it's like the capital. Really nice city though! I stayed at my friends' house; Leonardo and Fabio, friends since the age of five that I consider to be my cousins! Good friendship kept through decades. I was lucky to have some nice weather during my stay there because typical weather is rather rainy and grey. I ended up at the beach! And, yes, topless is common there but I was focused on the delicious squid rings that I'd ordered. I'm gourmet!! :) Second day, Leonardo took me to the beautiful medieval town of Delft! Very cosy town with a nice square. Good place to take photos like this one above. This is a traditional folkloric footwear; a good souvenir nowadays. On Monday, 3rd of May, I continued my trip as planned, by train I went to Amsterdam and visited some museums but unfortunately I couldn't go to the Van Gogh museum because it was being repaired. I rather went to the torture museum and sex museum (not so cultural isn't it?). On 5th of May I went to Utrecht to visit my Polish friend, Przemek, who showed me around and took me to a party by bike! it was like a taxi, but for free! :)
In my opinion, Utrecht is the most beautiful city in Netherlands (among these four cities that I visited) and has a youth atmosphere! Nice pubs by the canals and amazing night life. Beautiful illuminated tower at night. Really worth seeing.

I took nearly a hundred of photos:

For full album of photos click here

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Wrocław Reception Weekend

We invite you to come to Wrocław 21-23 May 2010 where you will meet and see many amazing places and people. More info coming soon. You can contact coordinator of the project:

Saturday, 3 April 2010

Lonely ride

Wrocław abandoned. Everybody is gone for Easter celebrations somewhere out of town and I'm one of few people far from home and with no company even for a bike ride. That's today's' scenario.

Riding bike reminds me the time I used to ride bike with my father and my brother. Would be nice to ride with them. I hope I won't have to wait too much till I can do it once again.

On the other hand, when I don't talk I end up thinking! Thinking about what? Many things! About how beautiful is Wrocław and how proud I am, to have chosen the best city in Europe to be!

My ride was from my flat to the Centennial Hall crossing the city centre in strategic points like Ostrów Tumski, Grunwaldzki Bridge, City hall and Zoo. It's a very sunny and warm day: +13c and, definitely, the best way to see Wrocław is by bike! I just came back from this ride and I feel like going out to do it again! I'm getting used to the loneliness, it isn't so bad.

This bike on the photo used to belong to my good friend, Michał Rusin, who left his home town to explore the world around, just like I did. And he probably can't join his family for Easter as well. So I'd like to dedicate this post not only to Michał but to all of you who took 'the road less travelled by' in life! Who faced your own fears to live your dreams!

I'm just going to Biedronka to buy some chocolate and I will celebrate Easter my way. Wesołych świąt! Cya! :)

Sunday, 28 March 2010

Sto lat, Nano!

What to say? First of all, thanks a lot for all the scrapnotes (on Orkut) and wallnotes (on Facebook) of people wishing me Happy Birthday! Because the amount of HBDay messages I got this year defeats the amount I got in 2007! It means I was able to make more friends keeping the good old friendships as well!

Big thanks to my friend Supreet for being the first one to call me just few minutes after midnight (when 28th of March started in my time zone) and big thanks to Dominika Nikiel and Kamila Ryzyk for being the sweetest friends and bringing me this delicious cake! It was really nice to spend the evening with them, eating cake and drinking Italian wine.

Nobody likes to get old but there is also something positive on this. Makes me think about what I have accomplished in life and what is to be done! I always like to think that way: "The best I can get in life is yet to come." -- Always trying to find out what I like to do most and trying to spend more time doing it.

By doing this, you will be taking the shorter path to your happiness. Carpe Diem. :)

Monday, 15 March 2010

Student's Conference in Kowary

Nano and TitoBack in the "wild west", land of Billy the kid and Buffalo Bill. An unconscious journey till we hit the floor... I hope you all know what I mean (LOL).
I knew it was going to be hard! On Friday, while I was going by car with friends to Kowary, PL (not far from Czech Republic's border) for a student's conference, we stopped for a moment in some shop to buy the sacred bottles, distilled and filtrated that are demanded in such conferences. :)

"Out of respect for nature, our vodka and drinkers. Promising, that the vodka we reserve, is as pure as it was thousands of years ago." -- Korpiklaani.

I took an important role in this conference; I was "the Chair" -- "Uuhh! Nano sensasja! Na na na na na na na na ee ee ee! take your clothes off!". I was very grateful for being the chosen one, to share my experiences as ALUMNUS of this student's organization and also my experiences on "how to have fun, make a mess and scare the cat". I guess I succeeded. :P

Among other good friends, Tito (my friend from UFBA) and Supreet (from India) joined me in this unforgettable experience! We all could dance, sing, make friends, take part in funny competitions and enjoy diversity! I would like to say thanks for the support (specially) to: Ola Sawicka, Paweł Solowczuk, Kasia Gniewosz, Pawel Antkowiak, Iga Szczudło (for the dirty dancing with me), Gosia Raczynska (for smiling all the time), Tito (for the free juice) and to all the girls who wanted a 'nano-kiss' to get 35 points in the kissing competition. That was very sweet.

Few photos (click on them to enlarge) :

Is Nano still messing up the east side? Definitely, YES. :)

Tuesday, 9 March 2010


My first shots with gun fire! After years of virtual experience playing Doom, Quake and Duke Nukem 3D, I had at last my chance to shoot *for real*! Using a semi-automatic Austrian Glock, which is a good gun for the very beginning. Soon I will be shooting from shotguns and machine-guns! hehe! no, that's not going to happen. :)

Glock handguns are common sidearms among law enforcement agencies and military organizations around the world. The popularity of Glock pistols can be attributed to a number of factors. They are very reliable, being able to function under extreme conditions and to fire a wide range of ammunition types. The simplicity of the Glock design contributes to this reliability, as it contains a relatively small number of components (nearly half as many as the typical handgun) making maintenance and repair easier.

This shooting session was part of a team event promoted by the company I work for. Therefore, my colleagues (Paweł K., Michał J., Maciej T., Łukasz S., Jakub H., Marek D.) were also there. We had some sort of small competition to find out which one of us is the best shooter! The winner was Michał. His 20 shots hit the target properly. I took the second place with 19/20, and the worst shooter had 2/20. Lots of fun! :)

Watch it:

Click here for photo album

Sunday, 7 March 2010

Skiing in Zieleniec again (Season's last ride)

It was so good that I had to come again! Ski has become my passion!! Last time I was skiing nightly to avoid huge queues on the lift, but during daylight it's OK to ski as well since the ski-lifts in Zieleniec are very fast and some of them can carry up to six people at once! not bad!

Get to know more about ski station in Zieleniec by accessing their portal:

I noticed that my ski skills had significant advance during these last two rides! I'm consolidating my status of 'intermediate rider', to achieve soon the status of 'Ski Ninja'. I always say: "It's a long way up if you wanna rock'n'roll!" - Never give up on dreams! :)

I would like to say a big THANKS to my good friends: Seba, Karolinka and Michał Koziak for the pleasant company in this six-hour ride! They are the best! :)

For full album of photos, click here!

Monday, 1 March 2010

Skiing nightly in Zieleniec, PL

** First of all, I'd like to say 'THANKS!' to the Kubiak's for the invitation and great hospitality! **

For the second time in life I ski nightly and it was awesome since the tracks in Zieleniec are very well illuminated. Lots of fun! :)

Monday, 22 February 2010

Australian yeast cream!

Just love it. Haha! Anyway, It contains sodium!
Vegemite is some sort of yeast cream that can be bought canned by Kraft foods. Very sour! I just tried some of it with bread, brought by Louisa, my Australian friend (depicted on the photo beside).

It was a great evening of fun at Global Village event, which was part of Academy of Perspectives project run by one of the AIESEC committees in Wrocław. I met as well people from Bulgaria, Armenia, New Zealand, Brazil, Uzbekistan and etc. Yeah, expanding my contact list! :)

Lately, I started to go out more often and tried to be again among my AIESEC friends. I even got invited to join the Local Committee Conference as the conference's chair, due to my experience and achievements during my learning cycle in this organization. Sharing is part of cycle. I'm constantly trying to contribute with AIESEC since I'm veery grateful for what I've achieved through it. Nano wouldn't be 'messing up the east side' if it wasn't for AIESEC. :)

I'll keep y'all posted. Cya.

Friday, 19 February 2010

Polska's Best Vodka

Yes. Poland's best vodka! Quality does matter for me!

When I first bought a bottle of vodka from Poland to my father, I chose Absolwent (in English: "Bachelor"). And I got positive feedback from him.

Yesterday, I got a vodka bottle from my team leader at work:

Absolwent Luxury
, from Białystok, Poland.

Four times distilled and nano-filtrated!

Definitely recommended by me! :)

( If you're gonna drive, don't drink! If you gonna drink, then call me! )

Sunday, 31 January 2010

Protest or ignorance?

To think about...

Brazil is well-known as the country of football, volleyball, carnival, beaches and JIU-JITSU.

I was very happy to find the Brazilian flag being sold in Poprad, Slovakia. Salesman said that many people look for that flag because they are fans of our football players.

Unfortunately, in Poland I had a small deception. People trying to exploit the reputation of the Brazilian jiu-jitsu by selling kimonos with embroidered Brazilian flag...

Ok, but... THE FLAGS ARE UP-SIDE DOWN (On all kimonos in the shop).

I informed them about the mistake, they said 'thanks', but they took no action on this.

My question: Would it be a protest or ignorance?

(Click on the photo to enlarge it).

Friday, 29 January 2010

Short interview for RedBox TV (Polish)

I was just trying to explain everything. These AWF guys weren't supposed to be in such amateur league! And, like always, video editors misspelled my name again. :P

Saturday, 23 January 2010

Wrocław's indoor football league

Recently, I joined the Tieto's (my company's) squad in the RedBox amateur league of indoor football.
I have not been playing in 2009 and I have to restore my physical condition as well as my Brazilian football skills!
Most of Brazilian boys play football since the early age and I guess this is the main reason that made us always thirsty to score more and more goals.
I like to play with the poles, they are real soldiers during match and I have to admit that I learnt few things with them; They don't get demotivated even when we are losing (at least in my team) and that boosts the spirit of competition and teamwork! Currently, I am the top-scorer of our team with 8 goals (alongside Wojtek and Grzegorz that also have scored 8 times). We will have our last match of this winter-leg of the league on next saturday(30.01) and then a break until march. I'll keep you posted! :)

For more photos from the matches, click here!

Saturday, 2 January 2010


This was my second time in Chile. The first trip was in 2007 and that was my last trip before emigrating to Poland. By then, I couldn't explore nature as I wanted. Chile is a country for eco-tourism! really! 900 km driving down south and you are in Patagonia!!

Common activities in Chile are: climbing, mountain bike, body-rafting... To enjoy every second of my short trip to South America was mandatory! -- I could have changed the name of this blog for awhile to: "
Nano's messing up the southern cone"! LOL!

I was driving a Toyota, V6-powered engine, 4x4. The roads in Chile are impeccably good and clean! Speed limit was a little bit boring; 120km/h which is slightly better than the 110 km/h speed limit on the Brazilians' highways. I MISS THE AUTOBAHNS! :)
Anyway, nine hours after departing from Santiago, I was in Pucón, a small touristic town by the volcano Villarrica. One of the most active volcanos in the Andes mountain chain! (Yuhuu!).

When I heard of the possibility of climbing this volcano, I said:
- That's beautiful!
In Pucón there is an alert system that consists on coloured-lamps with the following meaning: Green: No threat / Yellow: Evacuation recommended / Red: Eruption going on! Run for your lives!

Climbing this volcano can be easy or challenging! I was a bit unlucky due to the fact that was very windy! Hopefully, the weather was sunny in the early morning. Impressive how warm was in the city and how cold and windy was on the top. A very icy snow made it dangerous and the ice-pick was really necessary during the whole ascent which took me around five hours. Few days after I climbed it, there was an avalanche that has injured few people; a Brazilian guy at my age had his leg broken.

I can use this post to give a free advice for those who want to climb this volcano: PLEASE, TAKE YOUR SUNSCREEN!! Regardless of the fact that there is snow and is very cold up-there. UV rays are reflected on the snow and they harm the skin effectively.

Back in Santiago, time for countdown to the new decade. The 00's were very tough for humanity. The 10's start with hope, specially for the environment. I wish a happy 2010 to all my readers! :)

Santiago can be seen in the background in this photo taken during my mountain bike ride with my brother:

And then, few photos from the fireworks in Santiago:

Friday, 1 January 2010

Tutorial: How to send me an SMS! :)

In order to send me an SMS, just need to fill the boxes on the left according to the instructions:

Odbiorca (Recipient): 516854328
Nadawca (Sender): your name
Tresc (Text): message

"Odpowiedz na tego SMS przeslij na:" means "Response to this sms redirect to:" - So, write a desired email address.

And after filling the captcha field with the text automatically generated, just click 'Wyslij' (which means 'Send').