Sunday, 30 August 2009

Random fun in Wroclaw

I was lately enjoying my time in Wrocław (The meeting place!) with friends from many parts of Europe! This weekend (28th-30th August) I met people from Ireland, England, Greece, Ukraine, Portugal and France. For sure it was a very funny and unusual weekend for me!

On Friday, I met students of the Polish language school. The so-called "Language cafe", however I would name it: "Language beer". Nobody orders coffee in these nightly events in Wrocław... Anyway, I was still walking towards the main square, minding my own business and then I saw a vitrine of a men's store and end up buying a waistcoat (this one I'm wearing) and I reached the meeting already following the new trends of fashion! hehe!

This meeting took place in the pub "Jaś i Małgosia". And they organized some quiz game. The questions were sorted out by subject (travel, arts, history, movies, leisure, etc...). In my team, among others, there were the Portuguese and Edyta (my teacher). We had a French guy in our team that knew all the answers about movies. This photo above shows my team trying to sort out some of the questions.

(Marta, representing the second team, after picking up a question card from the box, started:)
- Marta: Oh! I think this question is too hard for your team...
- Nano: Hit me, babe.
- Marta: "What is the youngest range of mountains in the world?"
- Nano: Himalayas.
- Marta: Wow! How did you know it ?
- Nano: Hmm... I know a lot of things.

So I met the Irish in the Language cafe, they were very friendly and I guess I made two good new friendships. Grace and Con. They like my favourite band: Thin Lizzy, therefore, they are my friends. I also met again my two Portuguese friends: Daniel and Victor! They are such guys that really want to bring down the house. Regardless of what's going on, they keep bringing more and more madogs (40ml alcohol shot with Tabasco pepper) and kamikaze (a japanese blue shot) to our table. :)

On Saturday, I was invited for a friendly match against the football representation of the neighbourhood of Brochów. After the match we had some sort of Mexican grill; instead of sausages we had tortillas. It was my first football match since my "tragic" accident two months before when I had my ankle twisted. After the match I wanted to have a picture with Luis (a friend from Guatemala) however, Antonio made us a video!

("Man, you are making a video")

After that, I went to some grocery store to buy more beer for the grill. As always, I needed to ask about the "quality" of the beer, I mean: THE TEMPERATURE!!

Nano: Hi, which one is the coldest Polish beer in the fridge at the moment?
Saleswoman: All of them are Polish and they are very cold.
Nano: Ok! So please I would like two bottles of these "Polish" Carlsberg's...
(they think they can fool me)

In the evening, my friend Con sms'ed me about a party at the flat of Jacques (One of the French who was in the Language Cafe). I was not refusing invitations at all... That party happened to be a VIP's party and I was the youngest human being attending. Nice wine and cheese! I kinda like these VIP parties! I really could join more often.

After the wine and cheese bash we all went to some club. Yes, "some" club. Because I didn't see the name of it anywhere, but it was close to the theatre Capitol. Once again I was fashion! Check it out:

Grace and me.

On Sunday I tried to rest, save energy for monday and I always also wondering how to post about this weekend. What to write and what to keep for myself! ;)

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