Monday, 8 June 2009

wROCK Festival 2009

wROCK festival! Amazing opportunity to see great Polish bands such as Acid Drinkers and Coma.

The venue was the "Wyspa Słodowa" - one small island in the heart of Wrocław. The festival took two days however I joined only on sunday, which was surprisingly sunny after intense rain on the previous days.

My newest friends Michał(PL) and Alicja(CA), joined me. They are uniquely random people. (In a positive way) - Hard to describe - Let's say they are sort of people that if you throw a tomato on them they will find it funny, laugh for awhile, and then they will make juice out of this tomato and drink it (And eventually ask for more) - Yes, my new friends they are. :)

In this concert, Coma performed more songs from their latest album: Hipertrofia, but they performed old classics also! Such as: "100 tysięcy jednakowych miast" and "spadam" - It was a pitty that didn't play my favourite one: "Leszek Żukowski" - Maybe next time!

I made a small video (below):

From left to right we have: Michał, Alicja, Jacek. - They don't know the THUNDERCATS! Bastards!! :P

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