Saturday, 27 June 2009

Another challenge for the Marathon runner

What does life consist of? Challenges!

As I was running against time with my preparation for the Wrocław marathon, life just did its job by adding the unpredictability to it.

What about having a twisted ankle?

What about spending some days in full reclusion?

What about big storms in town, just to prevent my friends from visiting me?

And in a few seconds, during a football match, everything was set. Fortunately, no broken bones. The official diagnosis from the doctor was: mocne skręcenie (strong twisting) - Cool! no amputation required! :P

On the other hand, was nice to know that I can count on my friends whenever I need them. Even under thunder storms my friends came to visit me and brought me wine, vodka, chips and juice. My private Polish language teacher (Mrs. Justyszczyn) will come to my place to give me the lessons. Flatmates are being very helpful and always asking if I want something from the shop. Seba, Mirek and Darek from my company are helping a lot with "logistics". :)

Thanks, friends!!

Wroclaw Marathon will happen on the 13th of September. See you there.


Edimiuçu said...

no more football for you, get retired! said...

Ah finally something I can make a decent comment on... :D Your Xray is... unremarkable? Except for maybe the shortness of articular space at tibiotalar and maybe I can see your fibula behind your talar plateau when it shouldn't be? Hmm not sure though... The history is generally more interesting than the Xray itself. But yeah some RICE and that cast boot which is way more beautiful than the one I tried to make when I learned it and you'll survive that eventually. :D
Thanks for not being absent, I'll be a better friend and try to be online more often. Bjos!

Mili said...

hei, salude! and goodluck with geting in shape for the marathon! Go Olympic!!:)