Saturday, 2 May 2009

Wrocław Guitar Festival + Deep Purple concert

There is always something going on in the meeting place. Yesterday, thousands of guitarists went to the city center to join many guitar-based events and workshops. It was the Wrocław guitar festival! In the evening, legendary rock group Deep Purple performed for events' "gran finale".

I was expecting my friends from Zakopane who would come for the concert only. I wasn't planning to go to this concert because lately I'm saving money for my Metallica trip in August. However, there was an irrefutable offer from the event organization: For all the guitarists who can play the songs: "Smoke on the water" (Deep Purple) and "Hey Joe" (Jimi Hendrix) - Tickets to the concert can be purchased for as cheap as 9 Euros. Just need to come with a guitar and show it. - That was so cool! I was going to the center with my guitar when my friend, Sylwia, called me and said: "I got Deep Purple tickets for you!" - Ended up being much easier than I expected. One lesson I took from it. Being a guitarist is not enough. I also have to be fast! :)

The concert was cool even though I couldn't get a nice view. Unfortunately, I forgot to recharge my phone (which is my official camera) and I couldn't take photos from the concert, just took few photos before getting inside the venue and the battery was dead. On this photo, there are two of my friends from Zakopane: "Avril Lavigne" and Basia. Haha, she says Avril is too thin for them to be alike, moreover Avril is emo. :P

Still counting the minutes for Dublin's bash! stay tuned.

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