Sunday, 24 May 2009

Reception Weekend in Łódź + Tramwajada

One of the best events in Poland lately! :)

For full photo album click HERE

Remarks / Comments:
  • Sorry for my broken English.
  • Sorry for my broken Romanian.
  • Kanu is a football player from Nigeria, actually that guy in this video is not Kanu - Was just a joke.
  • "La camiza negra" is a famous colombian song. Of course I could see that her t-shirt was pink.
  • I'm not a gay neither!!


Mauricio Vieira said...

Que festa louca é esta, véi? Isto é um vagão de metrô?

Tá todo poliglota, o calouro, hehe. ;-)

Mili said...

hahaha, domnole??> ahjhaa, it is Domnule, buna!!! but I can forgive u because u are a fast, u are having a grrrreat time, great!!!

polish_nano said...

Mauricio, voce eh todo calouro mesmo! Nao ta vendo que a festa eh dentro do bonde?? :P