Sunday, 19 April 2009

"Work in international environment"

This title above was taken from the job advertisement when I found it.

However, it doesn't sound so international for me. :P Besides, the team thinks I'm half-polish or lived here since early age. They speak no english to me, and one of them presented me some documentation in english about the following project and asked me whether I would be able to read that doc to the end... hehe. I politely answered that I could manage it. :P

Working with the polish staff is cool. They know how to have fun and work at almost the same time. Well prepared for fun, the room 1C05 has calendars hanged on the was (naked women's calendars ofcourse) and a dart board for practice and relaxation. :)

Everyone who's able to develop software in C# is invited to join this "international fun ambient" - CVs, send them to me. :)

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