Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Local Committee Conference (Kowary, PL)

I didn't want to look like Al Capone, but Zuzka probably did want to look like a peasant maiden and therefore succeeded. It was the second day of the Local Committee conference of AIESEC in Wrocław. Unfortunatelly didn't take too many photos because my Picasa® account is about to explode. And I need to save space for the upcoming concerts! (...) Oh, talking about concerts... I've just subscribed for the pre-sale of tickets to Michael Jackson's concert in London. Let's see if I can get some. I just wanted some excuse to visit UK again.

Oops, sorry! focus focus focus! This post is about the conference. (...) The conference! right! We all went to Kowary, in the hills down south of Wrocław, close to the Czech border. The conference was basically for two reasons: Introduce AIESEC to new members and elect the new executive board.

AIESEC Committee in Wrocław had the best exchange results during the previous term among polish committees. Which I'm proud of, but I can't say I've helped them directly because I came to Poland in 2007. So, I'm out of the statistics. However, I influenced at least three other trainees to come. So, I deserve my beer too!! :P.

This conference had specials guests from abroad such as Johannes (Local committee president of AIESEC in Vienna), Me (Kicking-ass trainee from Brazil, brak skromności na chwilę) and the girl from Nigeria which I forgot the name again!

Well the most enjoyable thing in this conference were the parties, that you can see photos by clicking here.