Sunday, 1 March 2009

Having fun throughout Poland

(My) Life consists in having fun. Better if I do it surrounded by good friends all around Poland! Since I got back from my trip to Brazil, I've been travelling all around. My first stop was Zakopane, in the very south of Poland, close to the Slovak border. My intention was to visit my friends Łukasz and Dorotka and go ski!! One day I will be better skier than football player but it will take some decades. :)

In Zakopane I stayed for four nights, skied twice during my stay, one of them was in the evening however I don't recommend if the lamps are not so strong because it will be difficult to see the small holes in the tracks that would lead you to a certain fall. The amount of snow in Zakopane was considerably high. More than one meter of precipitation. Zakopane is for sure a special town, I will drop by more often. :) - Special thanks to Dorotka!!!

Second step of my trip was Lublin, to visit my 'luksusowe' friends: Ewelinka, Marta and Ania. Nine hours and twenty minutes travelling by bus from Zako. Lublin is in the east part of Poland, close to the Ukrainian border. Would be my second time in Lublin and my second frustration there. The weather was terribly rainy just like the previous time, couldn't go ski. No luck for me in Lublin at all. But despite of that, the receptivity of my host Ewelinka was nice and I had a great time there.

Third step (and final step) of this small Polish journey was to join the "MEGA Conference" in Częstochowa, a conference about entrepreneurship. Two nights. Lots of experiences and fun. I've done good friendships, specially with Piotrek aka "Mr. DJ" and Fenger, from Chicago. Pitty that I didn't have the opportunity to visit the city center and places. Maybe next time.

Some photos from Zakopane (click to enlarge):

Some photos from the conference (click to enlarge):

Well then, life goes on and I'll keep on the road. Next stops? Stay tuned!!

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Dalva M. Ferreira said...

Amei a foto da casa coberta (soterrada) de neve. Já roubei pra mim!