Monday, 30 March 2009

Weekend in Brno, Czech Rep.

I spent my 26th birthday in the beautiful city of Brno, east of Czech Republic, in the Moravia region, two hours away from the Slovak capital, and four hours away from Wrocław.

I had my last discount as a "<26" person when I bought my bus ticket to Brno. It is somehow good because incentives bike trips! :) Just kidding.

In Brno lives my good friend Barbora (photo), who kindly accepted me as her guest and took me for sightseeing in this amazing city. I was lucky to have one sunny day among so many rainy days lately. Due to this weather condition, we had an amazing view from the Spilberg's castle on the top of the hill, including the view to cathedral of St. Peter and Paul. Which is the main postcard of Brno.

On friday night (27th March), there was a ball of her (Barbora's) college and we had the opportunity to attend. Pairs dancing and a band playing Czech dancing hits... Oh, how I missed my bazooka! :)

The sweetest part of the trip was my birthday present, prepared with love. Dozens of tasty candies whose recipe was kept throughout the centuries by the Slovaks. Part of their culture. :P

Brno reminded me the city of Salzburg (Austria). Very clean, pacific and with a nice atmosphere. I recommend for sure. :)

For full album of photos click here

Sunday, 22 March 2009

Evidences of anti-racism groups in Poland

Here in Poland, sometimes I see nazi suasticas drawn in the walls or some stickers of the racist group 'White pride'. Surprisingly, when I was going by tram to some party I saw this sticker (beside). There is hope, at least, that one day racism will become an obsolete concept.

I know this is not my war, but everybody's. Racism has been losing this war through the years. Lately, big evidences of this are everywhere. We now have a black-descent man as the most powerful man in the world, an also a black-descent F1 champion. (Even though Massa was supposed to win that championship, but nevermind)

Better than protest against something, is to promote something good. When the manifest is pro-something, it's more susceptible to succeed.

Let's be pro-peace then. :)

Ok, I wrote too much for a boring sunday! For all my blog's readers: Have a nice week!

Saturday, 21 March 2009

Nano, are you eating well?

Mama always asks it. Regardless of any other issue or difficulty he may be having here in Poland, the most important issue is the physical integrity of nano.

nano is ok.

Frustrations lately could have affected his mood, but his perseverance and hope will overcome them. His vision of life hasn't changed, still very enthusiastic with integration and immersion into Polish society and culture. Has lately enrolled himself for private advanced lessons of Polish language (as there is no Romanian language course in Wroclaw) and has also bought a book: Bram Stoker's Dracula, as an attempt to broaden his vocabulary.

Tomorrow he will promote his tropical country to Polish students intending to go abroad by showing videos, photos, current available internship positions in Brazil through the AIESEC platform and by answering all the questions they might have. If the weather allows, he will also play football with his friends. Life goes on.

Oh! about the food!? Cereals, light yogurt, banana with honey, toasts with cream cheese, carrot juice and coffee from south america for breakfast. At noon, frozen vegetables with rice, chilli and soy sauce. Cola or wheat beer to be served with. All the Omega3 needed he gets from restaurants.


Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Local Committee Conference (Kowary, PL)

I didn't want to look like Al Capone, but Zuzka probably did want to look like a peasant maiden and therefore succeeded. It was the second day of the Local Committee conference of AIESEC in Wrocław. Unfortunatelly didn't take too many photos because my Picasa® account is about to explode. And I need to save space for the upcoming concerts! (...) Oh, talking about concerts... I've just subscribed for the pre-sale of tickets to Michael Jackson's concert in London. Let's see if I can get some. I just wanted some excuse to visit UK again.

Oops, sorry! focus focus focus! This post is about the conference. (...) The conference! right! We all went to Kowary, in the hills down south of Wrocław, close to the Czech border. The conference was basically for two reasons: Introduce AIESEC to new members and elect the new executive board.

AIESEC Committee in Wrocław had the best exchange results during the previous term among polish committees. Which I'm proud of, but I can't say I've helped them directly because I came to Poland in 2007. So, I'm out of the statistics. However, I influenced at least three other trainees to come. So, I deserve my beer too!! :P.

This conference had specials guests from abroad such as Johannes (Local committee president of AIESEC in Vienna), Me (Kicking-ass trainee from Brazil, brak skromności na chwilę) and the girl from Nigeria which I forgot the name again!

Well the most enjoyable thing in this conference were the parties, that you can see photos by clicking here.

Sunday, 1 March 2009

Having fun throughout Poland

(My) Life consists in having fun. Better if I do it surrounded by good friends all around Poland! Since I got back from my trip to Brazil, I've been travelling all around. My first stop was Zakopane, in the very south of Poland, close to the Slovak border. My intention was to visit my friends Łukasz and Dorotka and go ski!! One day I will be better skier than football player but it will take some decades. :)

In Zakopane I stayed for four nights, skied twice during my stay, one of them was in the evening however I don't recommend if the lamps are not so strong because it will be difficult to see the small holes in the tracks that would lead you to a certain fall. The amount of snow in Zakopane was considerably high. More than one meter of precipitation. Zakopane is for sure a special town, I will drop by more often. :) - Special thanks to Dorotka!!!

Second step of my trip was Lublin, to visit my 'luksusowe' friends: Ewelinka, Marta and Ania. Nine hours and twenty minutes travelling by bus from Zako. Lublin is in the east part of Poland, close to the Ukrainian border. Would be my second time in Lublin and my second frustration there. The weather was terribly rainy just like the previous time, couldn't go ski. No luck for me in Lublin at all. But despite of that, the receptivity of my host Ewelinka was nice and I had a great time there.

Third step (and final step) of this small Polish journey was to join the "MEGA Conference" in Częstochowa, a conference about entrepreneurship. Two nights. Lots of experiences and fun. I've done good friendships, specially with Piotrek aka "Mr. DJ" and Fenger, from Chicago. Pitty that I didn't have the opportunity to visit the city center and places. Maybe next time.

Some photos from Zakopane (click to enlarge):

Some photos from the conference (click to enlarge):

Well then, life goes on and I'll keep on the road. Next stops? Stay tuned!!