Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Boat ride in the bay of all saints.

Warmth of Salvador + sun + my uncle's new fast boat + blessing from all the Orixás = amazing boat ride in the bay of all saints!! Full speed or nothing. LOL.

On my last 'sun-based event' in Salvador, I went for a boat ride in the bay with my family, to scape from crowded beaches and rest peacefully on one of the beautiful islets around. For this ride we've visited two islands: Itaparica and Frades. Ilha dos Frades has those transparent waters, slightly green. Almost like a swimming pool. Itaparica is good place to devour an octopus goulash which is, by the way, my favourite dish.

I definitely recommend Salvador for tourism, I myself felt a little bit like a tourist during this trip. I was taking so many photos as if it was something out of this world for me. Beautiful beaches, tropical landscapes... evertything so casual for somebody who lived for 24 years in such place. But time is running out, and within few days I will be flying back to Poland for more adventures and fun. I will try to slow down my Eurotrips this year, lol, I'm serious. I will try to focus on my career (Mom likes to read such things about me, becoming a serious boy. lol.).

For full album of photos click here!


Helio said...

Nanetona, essa é a lancha de seu tio que há anossssssssssss atrás a gente deu uma passeada? bonitona essa ai, acho que não é mais aquela, parece que na época era uma de seu tio. hélio

polish_nano said...

Nao man!! meu tio troca de lancha de 3 em 3 anos. Essa ai acabou de chegar, e é consideravelmente maior do que as anteriores e tem ar condicionado. :)

durante o passeio eu lembro do dia que fomos passear eu, voce, guigo, meu tio e uma amiga dele. das antigas! eheh