Sunday, 1 February 2009

Alanis Morissette's Concert

Outstanding live performance in Salvador! Alanis came here for the first time to show everybody that she's still on top!

She's recently released a new album entitled: "FLAVORS OF ENTANGLEMENT". However, most of the fans enjoyed more when she sang old classics from 'Jagged little pill' album, which is, by far, the most successful among her albums. My favorite is the one she released after this; "Supposed former infatuation junkie". The song "Thank you" from this album was the chosen song to finish the concert.

The 'Salvador summer festival' is the biggest music festival of the whole northeast of Brazil (apart from Carnival, of course) and from time to time, brings international attractions to Salvador. The venue has the main stage, the samba hut (tenda do samba), techno house and smaller stages with ascending bands. Entertainment for everybody.

Yesterday during the concert, even among 200.000 people (my estimation), it was easy to meet old friends and colleagues everywhere. Best of all was to know how people remember me a lot:

Nano) Hej, Monica!! How are you doing!??
Monica) Nanooo! Nice to see you again, how are you doing in France??
Nano) France?

I also met Lica again, randomly, for the second time during my short stay here. Such a small village is Salvador!! :P

Full album of photos, click here

Below, she sings "Uninvited":

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