Saturday, 14 February 2009

Ultimate bash

Five guys, one mission: Do the mash within thirty days! Why thirty days? Because it's the length of my vacations in Brazil. We just had one rehearsal with all of us and the ar-conditioning was broken. So we had only this sauna-rehearsal to get ready for this gig, but was fun anyway. :P

Last time that we, The Monster Mash, performed live was in August 2007 and we never thought we would play again. Fortunately, we have achieved this dream and now the band plunges into another hibernation because not only I left the country but also Dadau, our lead singer, is going to Australia and Amine, our makeup artist, is going to England. Only time will tell whether there will be a reunion. For now, we keep the memories. Besides, Monster Mash without me and Dadau is like Metallica without James and Kirk. Hehehe.

For this gig there were few changes on the setlist: song "witch hunt" was removed and two songs were added: "hybrid moments" and "some kinda hate". My t-shirt was so cool - note on the photo that it encloses the name of the band and a skull. The makeup has also slightly changed. It was supposed to make us look as the undead but it rather made us look as Pandas. More luck next time. Amine was late anyway!!

I would like to thank all my friends who joined the gig and specially Leandro and Heleno who accepted my invitation to come up on stage and sing along the song "die die my darling". It kicks ass.

Below, a video of the song "Hate the living, love the dead".

I like the backing vocal line, one of my favourite songs.

"Put me together with the bodies of the dead, and I will wait for life and breath again... Scalpels, scissors, stitches, skin. Wake this eternal sleep she's in. And we'll breed for you, on your command ... "

For full album of photos, click here.

Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Boat ride in the bay of all saints.

Warmth of Salvador + sun + my uncle's new fast boat + blessing from all the Orixás = amazing boat ride in the bay of all saints!! Full speed or nothing. LOL.

On my last 'sun-based event' in Salvador, I went for a boat ride in the bay with my family, to scape from crowded beaches and rest peacefully on one of the beautiful islets around. For this ride we've visited two islands: Itaparica and Frades. Ilha dos Frades has those transparent waters, slightly green. Almost like a swimming pool. Itaparica is good place to devour an octopus goulash which is, by the way, my favourite dish.

I definitely recommend Salvador for tourism, I myself felt a little bit like a tourist during this trip. I was taking so many photos as if it was something out of this world for me. Beautiful beaches, tropical landscapes... evertything so casual for somebody who lived for 24 years in such place. But time is running out, and within few days I will be flying back to Poland for more adventures and fun. I will try to slow down my Eurotrips this year, lol, I'm serious. I will try to focus on my career (Mom likes to read such things about me, becoming a serious boy. lol.).

For full album of photos click here!

Monday, 2 February 2009

Praia do Forte, Bahia, Brazil

Sun, beach, coconut water... and sunscreen of course! Praia do forte became very popular through these decades because of "Projeto Tamar", which consists in a special facility to aid and care for the sea turtles helping its reproduction on the beach.

I guess this was my fourth time visiting this place, and now I see how things have improved around there and how important is the role of this project in the society. Now there's a special zoo for sea turtles, sharks, stingrays and some fishes. What differs it from other zoo-like facilities is that people can interact, help feeding the sharks, touch the stingrays and watch the birth of sea turtles.

Do you know that for every one thousand sea turtles returned to the sea after birth, only two or three reach the adult age? And do you know that turtles can live to the age of two hundred years? Do you know that turtles are able to remember the same place where they were borned so they come back to the same beach for reproduction? Oh no, you don't believe it, but that's what they say. :)

Unfortunatelly I missed the shark feeding because *surprisingly* they were not hungry!! Not so common! I've never seen sharks on a diet. So I ended up enjoying beach tennis and kayak ridewith my brother.

The photos of the baby-turtles are so cool. Click here for the full album of photos.

Sunday, 1 February 2009

Alanis Morissette's Concert

Outstanding live performance in Salvador! Alanis came here for the first time to show everybody that she's still on top!

She's recently released a new album entitled: "FLAVORS OF ENTANGLEMENT". However, most of the fans enjoyed more when she sang old classics from 'Jagged little pill' album, which is, by far, the most successful among her albums. My favorite is the one she released after this; "Supposed former infatuation junkie". The song "Thank you" from this album was the chosen song to finish the concert.

The 'Salvador summer festival' is the biggest music festival of the whole northeast of Brazil (apart from Carnival, of course) and from time to time, brings international attractions to Salvador. The venue has the main stage, the samba hut (tenda do samba), techno house and smaller stages with ascending bands. Entertainment for everybody.

Yesterday during the concert, even among 200.000 people (my estimation), it was easy to meet old friends and colleagues everywhere. Best of all was to know how people remember me a lot:

Nano) Hej, Monica!! How are you doing!??
Monica) Nanooo! Nice to see you again, how are you doing in France??
Nano) France?

I also met Lica again, randomly, for the second time during my short stay here. Such a small village is Salvador!! :P

Full album of photos, click here

Below, she sings "Uninvited":