Saturday, 3 January 2009

Austria = Ski

Austria was the main destination for the last trip of 2008!! Together with my family we visited best spots in Austria: Vienna, Salzburg, Innsbruck, Kitzbuhel!

The new years eve in the Stephanplatz, the very centre of Vienna! Non-stop fireworks since 20:00 making it a real battle field! :P
In the Praterstern, local amusement park, there was a stage with special new-years-eve shows, including latin rhythms and samba.
In one of our free days we went to an oceanarium which was "ok" and we skept the torture museum which could be interesting.

I have to admit that I was much more excited to get to Innsbruck so I could go ski, which was the whole idea of going to Austria!! :) - Apart from Innsbruck we could also go ski in Kitzbuhel, amazing place, but some tracks were a litte bit icy due to the lack of fresh snow. the weather was rather very sunny with -8c.

The guide from the "snow-shuttle", a scotish experienced skier, warned us about the danger of the track #25, which had many accidents due to its icy conditions. But, tenaciously, we (my brother and I) did go through this track and, as expected, we had ski accidents. lol. I hurt my left arm a little bit, and my brother felt so incredibly that he flew over 15 meters in such a hollywood-style ski accident. Even though we had to call for aid it was an amazing day!!

In Salzburg we could go to the castle in the top of a hill to have an amazing view of that snowy town with less than 200.000 inhabitants. The famous salt mine in Salzburg was a very amusing place to visit, flooded salt caves and tobogans. Not many ecoturism choices during winter, more cultural place. Maybe I will come back in summer. :P

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