Monday, 14 December 2009

Did the year 2009 change my life?

I think it's time to summarise how the year of 2009 and the changes it brought may have caused some impact in my life.
Did I reach my goals? I like to make this self-analysis to clarify my goals and my path for the next year. :)

Since I emigrated to Poland (nearly 2,5 years ago) my life has not tended to a routine (yet?). Each year spent in Poland has its own magic moments and 'features' (uh!). 2009 was not like a roller-coaster for me. I was not so euphoric to discover Europe and travel a lot like in the previous years... unfortunately. Let's say that I forgot a bit of my motto: "carpe diem". Why? Why staying at home on Fridays? ... a bit of demotivating times, loneliness and always wondering... Is the "Carpe Diem" thing really a plan for my life? ... or just a escape from planning it? I know that if I plan my life I will be giving boundaries to something that isn't supposed to have any boundaries. I could have only goals, so after I accomplish them I can set new ones!

Most of my workmates (at my age range) are married or engaged and they often refuse to go for a beer because wife is waiting (or even wife and kids). One day I mentioned the student's festival at University of Economics and one of them said: "we are no longer students for such parties and festivals". -- Oh god, what's wrong with them? Was this last sentence really sincere or was just a default excuse from somebody who really wants to believe that this is the real reason? My dear reader, think about that and take always the path your heart leads you to. Not the one that society does.

I can say that I will carry the Carpe Diem flag on an on.

What went well?
  • I made an amazing trip to Lithuania.
  • I successfully ran the Wroclaw Marathon.
  • Metallica performed my favourite song live in Dublin and I WAS THERE.
  • I started a relationship with a sweet polish girl.
  • I joined my company's team on the amateur league of indoor football.
  • I'm flying to marvelous Chile for christmas and new years eve with my family (I know it hasn't happened yet but for sure it will be part of the 'went well').
What has failed?
  • Unsuccessful attempt to go to Michael Jackon's concert in London. I had registered in the pre-sale but I failed to buy the ticket anyway. The worst news came few months later; the king of pop was dead. R.I.P.
  • Unsuccessful attempt to join the talent contest of my company, I would play brazilian songs on my acoustic guitar in Tallin, Estonia. I couldn't prepare demo material on time. I ordered a studio microphone that got delivered very delayed.
  • Unsuccessful attempt to make "Highway" (AIESEC conference) in Slovakia better than the one in 2007. The budget was too low, the organizing committee was overloaded and due to the global warming there was no snow in Poprad.
  • Unsuccessful attempt to get credit to buy my own flat in Poland. Due to lack of permanent resident status the banks won't give me credit unless I give a very high downpayment.

2010 ahead

I'm getting back on track for 2010! Few trips already in mind: Holland, Ukraine, Romania, Estonia and Latvia. Maybe another Metallica concert somewhere and short ski-trips!

Happy new year!!

Monday, 16 November 2009

Monday, 9 November 2009

Having fun in SLOVAKIA

Let's say it was an attempt to replicate some unforgettable times. Nearly two years ago I had the best days of my life; I was enjoying and having fun in Slovakia, in the AIESEC's "Highway" Conference 2007. It's a student's conference that happens every year in Slovakia.

In November 2007, I was still feeling the magic of the Eastern Europe, my first snow in Europe, everything carried some special thing within. I had the opportunity to join Highway conference in Slovakia. Since then I'm always carrying these memories.

> See how was it in 2007 by clicking here

Two years after, I thought I could live it again. Sometimes I have this feeling: "I want another ride!". I've heard of Highway Conference 2009. I could not miss the chance and I applied as member of the organizing committee(OC), so I could have the experience again but I was pretty sure that being member of the OC would be different.

For the first time, I felt how is it like to be behind the curtains. To wake-up much earlier then the delegates because somebody had to prepare everything. I could see how good is to look beside and see that somebody is working with me. I was member of an amazing team: Janka Kupkova, Zuzka Karlikova, Tomas Semotan, Rado Pastucha, Jakub Nagy, JJ, Monika Pohlova, Martina Zuffova, Lucia Janeckova and me.

I was so glad when people that attended the same conference two years ago came to me and said: "Hey, I remember you!" - Unfortunately I couldn't remember all of them. :P

Among different kinds of tasks I had, the one that I like the most was the one depicted in the photo above. Giving beer for free (since we had free beer from one of our sponsors - Brewery Staropramen). Of course, I could drink also! I just had to interrupt my 'hard work' for a while because the OC had a team for the drinking competition! They needed my help... why not? On the photo below taken during this competition, I was wearing the Brazilian flag like a cape. :P (Click on them to enlarge)

In 2007, my drinking team lost in the first round, but this time we lost in the second round! Let's see how it's going to be in 2010! :P

Well, comparing the conference in 2007 and 2009 let's say that the one in 2007 is still unbeatable! The venue in 2007 was the snowed Tatranska Strba, not far from Poprad. 40cm of snow and sunny sky all the time. Small and cosy village, and in the very comfortable hotel 'Rysy'. But this time the conference was in the centre of Poprad, the biggest city in the Tatra's region and the weather was rainy. Damn global warming! Moreover, I missed my good friend Luis who joined the conference in 2007 as well. Would have been funnier if he was there this year as well. 2009 keeps being a very successful year in my life anyway. :)

To see the full album of photos, click here.

Friday, 9 October 2009

Polish wisdom

I dedicate these Polish words of wisdom to all of you who are afraid of taking a next step in life or to all of you who don't fight against your own fears.

I would translate it as:

"Do whatever you want and don't regret! Wanted it? Then have it! Kiss yourselves' assess!"

Deep, isn't it?

Sunday, 13 September 2009

Wrocław Marathon

42195 meters was the distance between me and the glory. I did it! I could defeat both physical and mental extreme fatigue. I accomplished Wrocław's marathon even after one month without trainings due to a twisted ankle in July.

This marathon taught me a lot of things. And I could also confirm things that I already knew:

1. Dare! Try to do something that really scares you. Subscribe yourself for a marathon!

2. Don't start something you are not able to finish. It's full speed or nothing.

3. Aim higher than you really want to achieve. If you think you already trained enough for the day, it means that you are, in fact, half-way done.

4. The taste of a beer is a relative concept. After running all of these 42195 meters, you will drink the best beer you have ever drunk. Regardless of the brand or type. It just have to be cold enough (of course).

Now, I will write the three basic ingredients to accomplish such competition (keep in mind that you just need to accomplish it, don't try to win! There will be always some Kenyan or Ethiopian to win the competition, so DON'T BOTHER!). My three ingredients are:

1. Fuel: I wondered, how can I obtain my Açaí juice in Poland? I'm so far from Amazon (where the Açaí berries grow) that it's unlikely to be found here. However, I found some manufactured Açaí juice imported from Germany. The label reads: "Açaí mit Guarana" (Açaí with Guarana). Was expensive, but necessary. - Two bottles, please!

From Wikipedia:
"Açaí provides increased energy levels, improved sexual performance, improved digestion, detoxification, high fiber content, improved skin appearance, improved heart health, improved sleep, and reduction of cholesterol levels."

2. Fire: I call "fire", in this context, something that pushes forward. Something that comes from the soul! Some beast from the inside that can be unleashed by music. I prepared one special setlist of songs in my iPod, so I could feel the fire. I remember very well that, during this marathon, between the 21st and 22nd kilometre of the track I had a steep part ahead of me; Let's say 200 meters to run upwards. I was supposed to save energy and reduce the speed at that point. But, that exact moment I was listening to the song: "Rainmaker" by Iron Maiden and that really boosted my average speed from 10km/h to 12km/h (I had my GPS on my wrist). Anyway, don't let the music screw your performance. Try to run rationally and know how to use the force! ;)

3. Desire: The will that arises, the thirst for the glory. The will to show the subtle difference between boys and real men! How I got motivated? Believe it or not, reverse psychology may work fine in this situation. If somebody says: "You can manage!" - Probably, he or she said so just to be kind. But, if somebody tries to demotivate, can really motivate!

"It's a long way, my son... marathon is not for you." - Djalma R.

"Athlete? You?" - Kasia Ł.

"You are a weekend athlete! You are ozado!" - Karine O.

"You will give up after the first ten kilometers!" - Bruno G.

* (These sentences above were adapted to English)

Special thanks for those who really believed: Ania W., Sylwia I., Maria S., Darek K., Justyna T.

Another thing that motivated me was the fact that there were only two participants from Latin-America, so it was a big responsibility for me! Below, there is a table of participants number sorted by country:

BRA 1 Me!!
CHL 1 (Someone from Chile)
GER 18
POL 2458

I had six hours as time limit to reach the finish line and get the medal. However, four hours and fifty one minutes were more than enough. I'm a weekend athlete anyway... ;)

For full album of photos, click here.

Sunday, 30 August 2009

Random fun in Wroclaw

I was lately enjoying my time in Wrocław (The meeting place!) with friends from many parts of Europe! This weekend (28th-30th August) I met people from Ireland, England, Greece, Ukraine, Portugal and France. For sure it was a very funny and unusual weekend for me!

On Friday, I met students of the Polish language school. The so-called "Language cafe", however I would name it: "Language beer". Nobody orders coffee in these nightly events in Wrocław... Anyway, I was still walking towards the main square, minding my own business and then I saw a vitrine of a men's store and end up buying a waistcoat (this one I'm wearing) and I reached the meeting already following the new trends of fashion! hehe!

This meeting took place in the pub "Jaś i Małgosia". And they organized some quiz game. The questions were sorted out by subject (travel, arts, history, movies, leisure, etc...). In my team, among others, there were the Portuguese and Edyta (my teacher). We had a French guy in our team that knew all the answers about movies. This photo above shows my team trying to sort out some of the questions.

(Marta, representing the second team, after picking up a question card from the box, started:)
- Marta: Oh! I think this question is too hard for your team...
- Nano: Hit me, babe.
- Marta: "What is the youngest range of mountains in the world?"
- Nano: Himalayas.
- Marta: Wow! How did you know it ?
- Nano: Hmm... I know a lot of things.

So I met the Irish in the Language cafe, they were very friendly and I guess I made two good new friendships. Grace and Con. They like my favourite band: Thin Lizzy, therefore, they are my friends. I also met again my two Portuguese friends: Daniel and Victor! They are such guys that really want to bring down the house. Regardless of what's going on, they keep bringing more and more madogs (40ml alcohol shot with Tabasco pepper) and kamikaze (a japanese blue shot) to our table. :)

On Saturday, I was invited for a friendly match against the football representation of the neighbourhood of Brochów. After the match we had some sort of Mexican grill; instead of sausages we had tortillas. It was my first football match since my "tragic" accident two months before when I had my ankle twisted. After the match I wanted to have a picture with Luis (a friend from Guatemala) however, Antonio made us a video!

("Man, you are making a video")

After that, I went to some grocery store to buy more beer for the grill. As always, I needed to ask about the "quality" of the beer, I mean: THE TEMPERATURE!!

Nano: Hi, which one is the coldest Polish beer in the fridge at the moment?
Saleswoman: All of them are Polish and they are very cold.
Nano: Ok! So please I would like two bottles of these "Polish" Carlsberg's...
(they think they can fool me)

In the evening, my friend Con sms'ed me about a party at the flat of Jacques (One of the French who was in the Language Cafe). I was not refusing invitations at all... That party happened to be a VIP's party and I was the youngest human being attending. Nice wine and cheese! I kinda like these VIP parties! I really could join more often.

After the wine and cheese bash we all went to some club. Yes, "some" club. Because I didn't see the name of it anywhere, but it was close to the theatre Capitol. Once again I was fashion! Check it out:

Grace and me.

On Sunday I tried to rest, save energy for monday and I always also wondering how to post about this weekend. What to write and what to keep for myself! ;)

Sunday, 9 August 2009

Wrocław - "The Polish Venice"

After visiting many nice cities throughout Europe and promoting them on my posts, I just felt like a tourist again in Wrocław with my guests who are NOT really from Lublin, but from Siedlce (not far from Belarus). They are: Kasia and Natalia.

- Nano, what was the best choice you have ever taken in your life?

- Wrocław.

It's very sunny in here and very beautiful. It's the eastern Europe's Venice. Lots of canals and beautiful small bridges connecting everything. I'm very grateful for the visit of my friends. I really had a perfect weekend! I hadn't seen the new illuminated fountain in the centennial hall (Hala stulecia). Amazing spectacle!

Among other moments of fun, we had a boat ride on Oder river ("Odra" in Polish), and the hunt for gnomes in the city centre (We couldn't find all of them but we had fun anyway). Oh! And preparing spaghetti al Pesto listening to Thin Lizzy! great fun, moreover we also had time for my own performance of Whiskey in the Jar on the guitar! Another "kitchen serenade" :)

On saturday we went to the Brazilian restaurant in the city centre, and I've introduced them to the "Pao de queijo" prepared by chef Marcelo, as well as "Moqueca Baiana" - yes! dende oil in Poland! Pitty that there were no Guava nor Mango juice! Maybe next time?

** Attention - My Wrocławian friends liked my post, however they asked me to write about one small difference between Wrocław and Venice, here it goes: WROCŁAW DOES NOT STINK! :)

Few photos for y'all:

To see the full album of photos, click here.

Monday, 3 August 2009

Dublin (+ Metallica concert)

Unique chance to see Metallica again (yeah!), visit Dublin and drink few pints of Guinness which is one of my favourite beers. Two hundred and fifth years of tradition (precisely on this year). The brewery 'Guinness' established in 1759 by the young Arthur Guinness is a strong mark and its beer is widely known throughout the world. I had the chance to visit the headquarters of Guinness Inc. at St. James's Gate, Dublin 8. There's a possibility to make a tour inside the storehouse. Tickets cost fifteen euros for adults and eleven for students. Includes one pint of Guinness at the end.

Dublin has the highest density of Polish people that I've ever seen out of Poland (And I've been to cities like London and Edinburgh). I could speak Polish in the hostel and when ordering a cheeseburger at McDonald's. I'm now wondering... When will they claim for independence and make Ireland an annex of the Polish territory? So I would be able to move to Dublin only with my Polish Resident Card. :)

Dublin is really a very pleasant city, except for the prices! Everything is at least four times more expensive than in Warsaw (which is the most expensive city in Poland). If you earn in zloty like me, do the math carefully before flying there. :P The spots I visited in Dublin were:

  • City center (Mostly O'Connel St. and Grafton St.) - Definately worth go for a walk, don't forget your umbrella.

  • Dublin's Castle - Not medieval, rather contemporary. Not so interesting to see unless you are passing by.

  • Guinness Storehouse - Already described in the beginning of the post. I highly recommend.

  • Phoenix Park - Nearly the size of Dublin's centre itself. Nice green field for relaxation. Dogs not allowed. I recommend too.

  • Phil Lynott's statue - A "rock" tourist spot on Grafton Street. Phil was the Lead singer of Thin Lizzy. Died in 1986.

Was just a weekend, I couldn't do more. The concert was tiring... Oh, the concert

Dublin is the city of Thin Lizzy, my favourite band. This t-shirt I was wearing on the photo above was a gift from a friend who also likes Thin Lizzy. That t-shirt was responsible for my "success" in Dublin. Many people on the streets came to me to say things as: "Thin Lizzy is the best band, dude!" or "Yeah! Tonight there's gonna be a jailbreak!!" (Which is part of the lyrics from their famous song: "Jailbreak").

Thin Lizzy was(is?) one of the main influences of Metallica's James Hetfield who liked to perform alongside them whenever Metallica is in Dublin. Unfortunatelly, Thin Lizzy couldn't even perform on saturday due to an injury on the back of their drummer. Metallica just performed the Thin Lizzy's classical 'Whiskey in the jar' on their own (See video below).

Metallica performed at Marley Park in Dublin with Avanged Sevenfold, Alice in Chains and Mastodon. It's the Death Magnetic's tour. The setlist had twenty songs, including "Killing time" featuring the lead singer of the band "Sweet Savage" and four songs from the new album:

  • All nightmare long

  • The day that never comes

  • Cyanide

  • Broken beat and scarred

I recorded part of the performance of the song "Whiskey in the Jar" which hadn't been performed by Metallica for a while:

People started asking me already: "Nano, where is your next stop?" - My parents started to worry about me. They think if I keep travelling a lot I will be fired from work! hehe! I'm just trying to accomplish my mission! Several countries yet to be visited. Stay tunned. :P

For full album of photos from the sightseeing and the concert, click here!

Monday, 27 July 2009


"I like cities that apparently are smiling to you when you look at them." - Philippe Rother (a CouchSurfer that I met in Lisbon). I liked when he said so. I felt the same about Lisbon.

Lisbon is the westernmost capital in mainland Europe and has nearly half-million inhabitants. The 'Lisbonians' invented the "Pastel de Belem" which is a very taste type of egg tart found throughout Portugal's pastry shops or cafés. Whenever I go to Lisbon I go to the very first place where it was produced, in the neighbourhood of Belem. That's where the name comes from. Six units (of the original) can be bought for 5,40 Euros.

I was lucky to join some CouchSurfing meeting that was about to happen and I could sightsee Lisbon with good company! I talked in Portuguese to a Chinese girl which is Portuguese speaker from Macau. That doesn't happen much often actually! And also I met a Turkish guy who loves Poland and saluted me in Polish, I was again treated as a Żubrówka drinker! hehehe!

Unfortunately, I didn't have much time to see Lisbon. Poland was waiting for me. Next time I'll come back to Portugal it won't be on summer! This global warming kills me! :P

To see more photos click here, to check the full article about Lisbon on Wikipedia, click here.

Small video: "Buying the originals Pasteizinhos de Belem"

Tuesday, 21 July 2009


Getting back on track, just took my first step: I bought proper shoes which are more than necessary to boost my performance after this unexpected interruption in my trainings. I still can't play football, but I can go jogging (if carefully).

This toy on the photo beside, is a japanese Mizuno©, Wave Creation® series, my favourite. There are no MIZUNO shoes in Poland.

People shall later complain: Why did I vanish from the map? (No answer) - I had my best secret mission ever! Crazy times with friends somewhere far. A place for meditation, infection, curation and revitalization. Yes, I defeated Influenza A, lost 3 kilos and fought acute bronchitis. I got my ankle to work properly again and made two small surgeries on my back. I can say I'm new man now, let's say: Nano 2.0

Below, I celebrate with my friends. From left to right: Alan, Valdeir, Me, Daniel, Guigo, Celino. Click on the photo to enlarge it.

Saturday, 27 June 2009

Another challenge for the Marathon runner

What does life consist of? Challenges!

As I was running against time with my preparation for the Wrocław marathon, life just did its job by adding the unpredictability to it.

What about having a twisted ankle?

What about spending some days in full reclusion?

What about big storms in town, just to prevent my friends from visiting me?

And in a few seconds, during a football match, everything was set. Fortunately, no broken bones. The official diagnosis from the doctor was: mocne skręcenie (strong twisting) - Cool! no amputation required! :P

On the other hand, was nice to know that I can count on my friends whenever I need them. Even under thunder storms my friends came to visit me and brought me wine, vodka, chips and juice. My private Polish language teacher (Mrs. Justyszczyn) will come to my place to give me the lessons. Flatmates are being very helpful and always asking if I want something from the shop. Seba, Mirek and Darek from my company are helping a lot with "logistics". :)

Thanks, friends!!

Wroclaw Marathon will happen on the 13th of September. See you there.

Monday, 15 June 2009


A big discovery for me. So close to Poland and so beautiful. Welcome to Lithuania!

The journey was quite long until my final destination (Kaunas). Six hours by train from Wrocław to Warsaw and then six more hours by bus to Kaunas. I departed at 16:35 (10th June) and arrived at 6:00 (11th June). The bus ticket (one-way) from Warsaw to Kaunas costs nineteen Euros. The best way to get to Kaunas from Poland.

Kaunas is the second biggest city in Lithuania, with less than half-million inhabitants and is a fast-growing tourist spot in the Baltic countries.
When I arrived in Kaunas central station, my first impressions were very good: Toilets impeccable clean, for free and illuminated by blue neon lamps which made me feel like being in a discotheque's toilet(!).

The first signs of receptivity came in the early morning right after my arrival. It was 7 am and the banks were still closed. I needed to exchange some money so I would be able to have breakfast. I went to some coffee house in the old town to ask for information about where to exchange money. The first 'news' given by two young ladies working there was that I would have to work few hours to exchange money. On the other hand they offered me a Latte Machiatto for free which I quickly accepted. :)

When I finally exchanged money I did some sightseeing in Kaunas. I visited this castle (photo) and few churches. After that, I met two Portuguese girls who I was given the contacts before, so I could do sightseeing with them also and try some Lithuanian food. It's common to order some fried bread with melted cheesed and some potatoes with meat inside. Not so exotic food but heavy. My Lithuanian friends Lina and Agne hosted me at their place and took me out to get to know the night-life in Kaunas. We went to 'Dzem Pub' where I could meet many people from abroad, including one Brazilian girl that I had met before in Sao Paulo in 2006. This is what I call: "Tiny world".

I also visited the capital city Vilnius for a day-trip, which is only one hour away by train from Kaunas. The trains in Lithuania are very new and clean (as you can see in the some of the photos inside the photo album), and the instructions in the train station are given through the speakers also in English language. Lithuania is more prepared for tourism differently than few countries in this part of Europe...

On saturday(13th June), I went to some wooden house in the middle of nowhere with Agne's friends, to have fun, listen to music, play games and drink. I met interesting people too and increased my chain of contacts in the Baltic! :)
I heard from them that Riga (Latvia's capital city) is also an amazing place to visit. When I come back to that region I will for sure visit also Riga and maybe (why not?) Estonia.

Lithuania was for me a nice trip, to be kept forever in my memories.

For full album of photos click here.

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Tornadoes in Wrocław

I was walking back home from work after a tough day. It was very windy and, when I was approaching the building I live, the winds became stronger and I heard a thunder. I saw the leaves on the ground as the wind blew them, they moved with some rotation. The temperature had reached +24c, but it was not summer yet and by the end of day, winds brought the chill.

The day was ready for the perfect storm!

When I look up toward the city centre I saw the big storm cell and funnel clouds. I spotted a multi-vortex tornado!

A multiple vortex tornado is a type of tornado in which two or more columns of spinning air rotate around a common center. Multivortex structure can occur in almost any circulation.

I couldn't see the funnels in their entirety from the ground because in my neighbourhood there are many buildings. So I ran to my flat attempting to make nice photos from my window (I live on the 9th floor). Unfortunately, the tornadoes were dissipating, and the best photo I could make was this one beside, whereas the funnel in the centre was still touching the ground. The rest of the photos are from the storm cell and phenomenal cloud formations.

I have a small request to my all my beloved readers: If you have more photos from this storm, specially from the funnels, please share.

For the rest of my photos, click here.

Monday, 8 June 2009

wROCK Festival 2009

wROCK festival! Amazing opportunity to see great Polish bands such as Acid Drinkers and Coma.

The venue was the "Wyspa Słodowa" - one small island in the heart of Wrocław. The festival took two days however I joined only on sunday, which was surprisingly sunny after intense rain on the previous days.

My newest friends Michał(PL) and Alicja(CA), joined me. They are uniquely random people. (In a positive way) - Hard to describe - Let's say they are sort of people that if you throw a tomato on them they will find it funny, laugh for awhile, and then they will make juice out of this tomato and drink it (And eventually ask for more) - Yes, my new friends they are. :)

In this concert, Coma performed more songs from their latest album: Hipertrofia, but they performed old classics also! Such as: "100 tysięcy jednakowych miast" and "spadam" - It was a pitty that didn't play my favourite one: "Leszek Żukowski" - Maybe next time!

I made a small video (below):

From left to right we have: Michał, Alicja, Jacek. - They don't know the THUNDERCATS! Bastards!! :P

Thursday, 4 June 2009

Never had my own bus

Where are going after all? Let's go to Danilowski Square!!

I was going to ask them to name it "Nanowski Square" - But it can be "Danilowski". No problem! ;)

When I first looked at this bus I was wondering... the only Danilo that I know in Poland is myself! As "Danilo" is originally an Ukrainian name (Данило) and I heard that in Poland there are "Daniel's" even though I've never met any.

I never took my "own" bus! Because I have a tram pass only. I don't know where it would take me to.

Sunday, 24 May 2009

Reception Weekend in Łódź + Tramwajada

One of the best events in Poland lately! :)

For full photo album click HERE

Remarks / Comments:
  • Sorry for my broken English.
  • Sorry for my broken Romanian.
  • Kanu is a football player from Nigeria, actually that guy in this video is not Kanu - Was just a joke.
  • "La camiza negra" is a famous colombian song. Of course I could see that her t-shirt was pink.
  • I'm not a gay neither!!

Friday, 15 May 2009

Duke Nukem to be forever remembered

The video game DUKE NUKEM, the best video game of all times, got a reportage in the Polish newspaper "METRO". However the news were not so good. The company who developed the game, 3D Realms, went bankrupt and no longer exists. Another company holds the copyright for Duke Nukem character which also didn't mention any further move on it.

Duke Nukem had his golden age when the DUKE NUKEM 3D was released, in 1994. First version of the game based on 1st-person 3d games, as well as "Doom", "Wolfstein 3D", "Heretic"... Duke had unique personality of a die-hard american hero who had to protect earth from the aliens who invaded to make a mess and "steal" the hot chicks from our planet for bizarre experiments.

Who didn't enjoy the way how Duke use to express himself over the anger he had on the aliens? And memorable phrases that made it more than a game, but a lifestyle!

"Nobody steals our chicks... and lives!"
"I'm Duke Nukem and I'm coming to get the rest of you, alien bastards!"
"Your face, your ass... what's the difference?"
"Let god sort them out."
"Damn, that's the second time those alien bastards screwed my ride!"
"It's time to kick asses and chew bubble gum... but I'm all out of gum!"

And my favourite one:

"Shake it babe, do you wanna dance?"

Long life, Duke Nukem.

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Kitchen serenades... nightly

Lonely boy
I'm writing
Lonely girl
Looking for a lonely girl
Lonely hearts
I'm lonely
Lonely souls
I've got problems you can solve them
Lonely girl
I'm writing to Dear Miss Lonely Hearts
For I'm a lonely soul
Yours sincerely
Lonely boy
Lonely girl
Lonely hearts
Lonely souls
One lonely boy
Is looking for another
Lonely girl
To love one another
Lonely hearts
Answer me
Answer my plea
Answer me
Lonely boy
Looking for a female
Lonely girl

Saturday, 2 May 2009

Wrocław Guitar Festival + Deep Purple concert

There is always something going on in the meeting place. Yesterday, thousands of guitarists went to the city center to join many guitar-based events and workshops. It was the Wrocław guitar festival! In the evening, legendary rock group Deep Purple performed for events' "gran finale".

I was expecting my friends from Zakopane who would come for the concert only. I wasn't planning to go to this concert because lately I'm saving money for my Metallica trip in August. However, there was an irrefutable offer from the event organization: For all the guitarists who can play the songs: "Smoke on the water" (Deep Purple) and "Hey Joe" (Jimi Hendrix) - Tickets to the concert can be purchased for as cheap as 9 Euros. Just need to come with a guitar and show it. - That was so cool! I was going to the center with my guitar when my friend, Sylwia, called me and said: "I got Deep Purple tickets for you!" - Ended up being much easier than I expected. One lesson I took from it. Being a guitarist is not enough. I also have to be fast! :)

The concert was cool even though I couldn't get a nice view. Unfortunately, I forgot to recharge my phone (which is my official camera) and I couldn't take photos from the concert, just took few photos before getting inside the venue and the battery was dead. On this photo, there are two of my friends from Zakopane: "Avril Lavigne" and Basia. Haha, she says Avril is too thin for them to be alike, moreover Avril is emo. :P

Still counting the minutes for Dublin's bash! stay tuned.

Sunday, 19 April 2009

"Work in international environment"

This title above was taken from the job advertisement when I found it.

However, it doesn't sound so international for me. :P Besides, the team thinks I'm half-polish or lived here since early age. They speak no english to me, and one of them presented me some documentation in english about the following project and asked me whether I would be able to read that doc to the end... hehe. I politely answered that I could manage it. :P

Working with the polish staff is cool. They know how to have fun and work at almost the same time. Well prepared for fun, the room 1C05 has calendars hanged on the was (naked women's calendars ofcourse) and a dart board for practice and relaxation. :)

Everyone who's able to develop software in C# is invited to join this "international fun ambient" - CVs, send them to me. :)

Saturday, 18 April 2009

They are bringing the metal to the people, my friends!

Run! Don't miss the chance! Metallica will be performing alongside Alice in Chains and Thin Lizzy! This will be the metal bash of your life!! Don't forget your bottle of whiskey! Because they will play the song "Whiskey in the jar" for sure. Ahaha! :P

  • August 1 Dublin, IRL - Marlay Park
    • Tickets for this all general admission show are now available via
    • Other acts performing include Alice In Chains, Thin Lizzy, and more.
    • Tickets are € 76.50 + fees and those under age 16 must be accompanied by an adult
    • Please note the venue change from Fairyhouse Racecourse
    • You can purchase up to eight tickets during the general onsale

Useful links:

See you there!!

Monday, 13 April 2009

Mountain Biking in Bystrzyca Kłodzko

"...Never was the kind to do as I was told, gonna ride like the wind, before I get old..." - from the song "Ride like the wind", written by Christopher Cross.

Exactly what I did. Why being at home if I can enjoy speed and ride like the wind? -- First of all, I would like to thank Magda Kubiak (wearing green on the photo) for the invitation to join her family during easter celebrations! Eeee!! :)

Magda and her family live in such beautiful house in the hills. A house which was left behind by the germans after the WW-II, and still preserves the original german look from outside. The village is called "Stara Łomnica", eight kilometers away from Bystrzyca Kłodzko. I ended-up invited to come back again during summer, so I can have Malinówka prepared by her mother. :)

By bike, on saturday, we took a 25km track in which one-fourth of it was a tough uphill with small breaks to finally reach a sanctuary in the top of the hill (850m from the sea level), and then a hardcore downhill enjoying the view and the waterfall. Couldn't take the best of my "downhill skills" because my rear-break was not so effective, and the combination of: Speed + Front-Break Only + No Helmet, wouldn't bring nice results. :P

On sunday, I had a special easter breakfast, polish-style, with special soup called "Żurek", and blessed eggs (really blessed), and cakes! Even though, I have no religion I went to the church to see the ceremony. Many people come carrying baskets full of painted eggs (several colours) and then the priest pours blessed water in each of them and then when people are leaving the church, some fire-fighters are waiting outside with the their helmets in position to get some "contribution" (for what? was the church on fire at first place? eheh), so they get few painted eggs as easter gift. :P --- Traditions are weird!

Ahead with the training, Wrocław Marathon is comming soon. :)

For the full album of photos, click here.

Saturday, 4 April 2009

New job, wider horizons

Expanding possibilities for me! New job, new opportunities. :)

Yesterday was my third day in a finnish-swedish IT nearshore outsourcing company with more than 16,000 employees in 30 countries. I'm the only american (person from the continent "America"), allocated in Poland. :P

My workmates are nice, friendly and, some of them, very funny.

The position I am holding currently is entitled Software Engineer.

My duties and responsabilites are:
  • Participate in modelling and documenting of software architecture.
  • Participate in planning of implementation details.
  • Responsible for designing, implementing, testing and documenting software according to given specifications, or similar task related to the area of specialization.
  • Describe system requirements and specify functional requirements (use cases).
  • Describe user interfaces and business classes.
Best impressions as possible. Let's see what is yet to come. :P

After my first friday, I went for a beer with two more people, their names cannot be revealed for safety reasons eheh. One of them attempted to arrange a party in the second office and called a third person:

- Hej dude? Let's make a party in the office?
- Daniel is here!
- Daniel????
- Danielo! He is listening too.
- Who the hell is Danielo?
- He's our.. our.. brand new workmate.
- I don't know...
- But listen, listen.. he is fan of football!! He is canarinho!!
- Oh, I love football. I've been playing it all my life.
- Listen, and he has lots of.. you know.. hot chicks. One phone call and they will come.
- Cool, just buy some beer and come.
- Seriously?

Hehe, conversation was something like that. Check the (almost) full conversation in WAV format by clicking here.

Monday, 30 March 2009

Weekend in Brno, Czech Rep.

I spent my 26th birthday in the beautiful city of Brno, east of Czech Republic, in the Moravia region, two hours away from the Slovak capital, and four hours away from Wrocław.

I had my last discount as a "<26" person when I bought my bus ticket to Brno. It is somehow good because incentives bike trips! :) Just kidding.

In Brno lives my good friend Barbora (photo), who kindly accepted me as her guest and took me for sightseeing in this amazing city. I was lucky to have one sunny day among so many rainy days lately. Due to this weather condition, we had an amazing view from the Spilberg's castle on the top of the hill, including the view to cathedral of St. Peter and Paul. Which is the main postcard of Brno.

On friday night (27th March), there was a ball of her (Barbora's) college and we had the opportunity to attend. Pairs dancing and a band playing Czech dancing hits... Oh, how I missed my bazooka! :)

The sweetest part of the trip was my birthday present, prepared with love. Dozens of tasty candies whose recipe was kept throughout the centuries by the Slovaks. Part of their culture. :P

Brno reminded me the city of Salzburg (Austria). Very clean, pacific and with a nice atmosphere. I recommend for sure. :)

For full album of photos click here

Sunday, 22 March 2009

Evidences of anti-racism groups in Poland

Here in Poland, sometimes I see nazi suasticas drawn in the walls or some stickers of the racist group 'White pride'. Surprisingly, when I was going by tram to some party I saw this sticker (beside). There is hope, at least, that one day racism will become an obsolete concept.

I know this is not my war, but everybody's. Racism has been losing this war through the years. Lately, big evidences of this are everywhere. We now have a black-descent man as the most powerful man in the world, an also a black-descent F1 champion. (Even though Massa was supposed to win that championship, but nevermind)

Better than protest against something, is to promote something good. When the manifest is pro-something, it's more susceptible to succeed.

Let's be pro-peace then. :)

Ok, I wrote too much for a boring sunday! For all my blog's readers: Have a nice week!

Saturday, 21 March 2009

Nano, are you eating well?

Mama always asks it. Regardless of any other issue or difficulty he may be having here in Poland, the most important issue is the physical integrity of nano.

nano is ok.

Frustrations lately could have affected his mood, but his perseverance and hope will overcome them. His vision of life hasn't changed, still very enthusiastic with integration and immersion into Polish society and culture. Has lately enrolled himself for private advanced lessons of Polish language (as there is no Romanian language course in Wroclaw) and has also bought a book: Bram Stoker's Dracula, as an attempt to broaden his vocabulary.

Tomorrow he will promote his tropical country to Polish students intending to go abroad by showing videos, photos, current available internship positions in Brazil through the AIESEC platform and by answering all the questions they might have. If the weather allows, he will also play football with his friends. Life goes on.

Oh! about the food!? Cereals, light yogurt, banana with honey, toasts with cream cheese, carrot juice and coffee from south america for breakfast. At noon, frozen vegetables with rice, chilli and soy sauce. Cola or wheat beer to be served with. All the Omega3 needed he gets from restaurants.


Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Local Committee Conference (Kowary, PL)

I didn't want to look like Al Capone, but Zuzka probably did want to look like a peasant maiden and therefore succeeded. It was the second day of the Local Committee conference of AIESEC in Wrocław. Unfortunatelly didn't take too many photos because my Picasa® account is about to explode. And I need to save space for the upcoming concerts! (...) Oh, talking about concerts... I've just subscribed for the pre-sale of tickets to Michael Jackson's concert in London. Let's see if I can get some. I just wanted some excuse to visit UK again.

Oops, sorry! focus focus focus! This post is about the conference. (...) The conference! right! We all went to Kowary, in the hills down south of Wrocław, close to the Czech border. The conference was basically for two reasons: Introduce AIESEC to new members and elect the new executive board.

AIESEC Committee in Wrocław had the best exchange results during the previous term among polish committees. Which I'm proud of, but I can't say I've helped them directly because I came to Poland in 2007. So, I'm out of the statistics. However, I influenced at least three other trainees to come. So, I deserve my beer too!! :P.

This conference had specials guests from abroad such as Johannes (Local committee president of AIESEC in Vienna), Me (Kicking-ass trainee from Brazil, brak skromności na chwilę) and the girl from Nigeria which I forgot the name again!

Well the most enjoyable thing in this conference were the parties, that you can see photos by clicking here.

Sunday, 1 March 2009

Having fun throughout Poland

(My) Life consists in having fun. Better if I do it surrounded by good friends all around Poland! Since I got back from my trip to Brazil, I've been travelling all around. My first stop was Zakopane, in the very south of Poland, close to the Slovak border. My intention was to visit my friends Łukasz and Dorotka and go ski!! One day I will be better skier than football player but it will take some decades. :)

In Zakopane I stayed for four nights, skied twice during my stay, one of them was in the evening however I don't recommend if the lamps are not so strong because it will be difficult to see the small holes in the tracks that would lead you to a certain fall. The amount of snow in Zakopane was considerably high. More than one meter of precipitation. Zakopane is for sure a special town, I will drop by more often. :) - Special thanks to Dorotka!!!

Second step of my trip was Lublin, to visit my 'luksusowe' friends: Ewelinka, Marta and Ania. Nine hours and twenty minutes travelling by bus from Zako. Lublin is in the east part of Poland, close to the Ukrainian border. Would be my second time in Lublin and my second frustration there. The weather was terribly rainy just like the previous time, couldn't go ski. No luck for me in Lublin at all. But despite of that, the receptivity of my host Ewelinka was nice and I had a great time there.

Third step (and final step) of this small Polish journey was to join the "MEGA Conference" in Częstochowa, a conference about entrepreneurship. Two nights. Lots of experiences and fun. I've done good friendships, specially with Piotrek aka "Mr. DJ" and Fenger, from Chicago. Pitty that I didn't have the opportunity to visit the city center and places. Maybe next time.

Some photos from Zakopane (click to enlarge):

Some photos from the conference (click to enlarge):

Well then, life goes on and I'll keep on the road. Next stops? Stay tuned!!