Saturday, 27 September 2008

Kraków trip

Why Krakow? What can we find there? Is it worth seeing?

Enough said!

Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Slovak goulash

Couldn't resist the invitation to join my Slovak family for some goulash in the woods (yes, in the middle of the woods). Slovak cousine with Kofola and best Slovak beer: Zlaty Bazant, the Slovak sensation! (yeah!). Oh! and of course CIASTECZKI BARBORECZKI ©, made by its own inventor: Barbora. :)

These unique ciasteczki are some amazing candies prepared with rum, chocolate and condensed milk, that give a special sensation after eating it. :P

Note in the photo on the left: this is my babe adding the beer itself to the gulash to improve its taste. It's what I call 'the Slovak touch'. :)

Slovakia is going to be less unique in the next few months. Wth, wtf?? Yes. On 1st of January of 2009, the Slovak crowns will be no longer accepted in Slovakia. Euro will be the official currency. (I just hope the price of my Zlaty Bazant won't go up in value. :P )

Few more photos (By clicking, you enlarge them):

Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Nazi Wrocław (Photos from 1945)

As many of you already know, Wrocław (also known by the German name 'Breslau') used to be under the control of the German Furher, Adolf Hitler (even though he was Austrian).

During the occupation, Poland wasn't even on the map! :(

This photo on the left shows Hitler in the main railway station "Dworzec Głowny".

As well as Dresden, Wrocław got severely bombed by the allies RAF (Royal Air Force - UK) and USAAF (U.S. Army Air Force), city centre was destroyed. Even the cathedral couldn't escape. Now the cathedral in "Ostrów Tumski" is rebuilt and reigning Wrocław's city centre view.

Nowadays Wrocław is known to be "Miasto spotkań" - which means: "The meeting place", a city for entertainment, lots of clubs, bars, shopping centres, boat ride, zoo, botanic garden, paintball and best of all: the sun shines most of the time.

Please don't take this as a sad post, but just as a cultural and historical overview of the best city in Poland.

More photos (Click to enlarge):

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Wednesday, 3 September 2008

One year has passed...

The big adventure that changed (and still changes) my life started on the 2nd of September of 2007, when I left my tropical and beautiful hometown in Brazil to face a totally different culture and lifestyle, starting everything from scratch.

I have to admit the farewell was difficult. It's not easy to buy one-way ticket and say good-bye to family and friends. It's the the price of taking the red pill. I knew I was passing the point of no return.

Among my memorable last moments in Brazil I shall mention: my band's last concert - MONSTER MASH, the farewell party at my aunties' house and my graduation on Computer Science at Universidade Federal da Bahia (a.k.a. UFBA) - memorable days for sure!!

The first photo above was taken during my farewell party on 31th, Aug 2007. From the left: Vitor, Bruno Leo, Guigo, Me, Daniel, Valdeir, Bruno Celino. Good colleagues. With them we defeated the bad professors! :)

Below there are photos from the MONSTER MASH last concert! First photo shows our assistent preparing my make-up. Ok, I know it sounds a bit poser but dont worry it's pure horror punk metal! The second photo shows our lineup: Nano(guitar and backing vocals), Duda(Vocals and dancing), Grilo(drums), Alelas(bassist). And the third photo shows Almeidao(who recently visited me in Wrocław) and Bessinha, the craziest fun of MONSTER MASH! Click to enlarge.

...and my graduation official photo. From the left: Oriva, Nano, Lage, Helton, Amadeu, Monica and the rightmost dude who I just can't recall the name. :P

I know I look funny in these photos but they are memorable anyway. :)

Coming back to the main subject: POLAND

People keep asking me: "Why Poland?" - As long as Poland is not a top destination for international travellers. But that was exactly what I was looking for. When I first attempted to book tickets to "WRO" (IATA code for Wroclaw) - The travel agent innocently tried to warn me: "No one flies to there" - perhaps thinking I was mistaken about the destination code - I just gave her a smile and replied: "I know".

The flight took around eleven hours (without the time spent for flight connections) plus six hours by train from Warsaw to Wroclaw. When I finally arrived I felt like Peter Pan arriving in Neverland.

I was very lucky to find an job opportunity in a company in Poland. I wasn't so criterious on choosing the company I just wanted to go somewhere else, preferebly some far, cold and unexplored country. Fortunately, the fine atmosphere at work and my happiness of living a dream joined together into sinergy contributing to my success and self-realisation.

Learning Polish language was part of the plan. The more I tried to learn it, the more motivated I was. As very few people choose Polish language as second or third language. It's difficult to find some non-native speaker. Polish people normally don't expect a non-Polish individual to speak Polish. They keep saying it's very hard language. I always got compliments for trying to speak in their way most of the time.

After one year living in "Wroclove", I don't feel any cultural shock anymore and I really got acostumated not only with Polish lifestyle but with the European lifestyle in general. Best part of living in southwest of Poland is the proximity to nice places such as Prague, Berlin and the Slovak paradise. ;)

What's next? Adventure goes on.